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At AGR, we teach you how to approach your career like a CEO. We offer cutting edge scene study classes, CD workshops, agent/manager events, business classes, opportunities to create your own work and so much more.


At The Actor’s Green Room we believe in a two-prong approach: You can be the greatest instrument in the world but if you are full of “dust”, you won’t play optimally. AKA: Do the inner work and the outer will follow.


Without inner confidence and connection to self and a supportive community, you cannot rise above the ever-changing tide of the business. At AGR, you find a community unlike any other and a sanctuary to nurture your inner artist.


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"The Actor’s Green Room CEO, Jen Rudolph, continues to find joy in helping people make it into doors which are otherwise closed. 'It's so hard to break into a very saturated market. And much like in any business, you have a product,' she says. 'You need to come up with an innovative and a smart angle. I teach people how to go into that shark tank and slay it.'"

-Jeryl Brunner, Forbes Magazine


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So where do I start?

Your 4 Steps. In a particular order.



No matter where you are (geographically and in your career), ELEVATE is the #1 platform (and community of likeminded artists) that helps you become a working actor in record time without breaking the bank. It’s ongoing learning and support.

As an ELEVATE member, you will learn the proven formula to manifest your dream of becoming a working actor. By shifting your mindset into that of a business owner (of you) and becoming a “CEO”, you will discover what your “product” is, who your “customers” are and how to parlay that into a successful career. At the same time, by developing a strong inner game, identifying your core beliefs, shifting your perceptions, examining feedback and having ongoing 24/7 support, you will find the success you seek.

As a member, you also save BIG on most offerings at AGR brick and mortar.



We believe that “a rising tide lifts all boats” and that is exactly what you will find in our 24/7 ultra supportive/resource rich Facebook group, The Green Lounge. By joining the Green Lounge you open yourself up to friendships, collaborators, various opportunities and you stay in the know of everything that is going on in the business.

Oh yeah…and you also get access to REELARC breakdowns which you can submit for every week free of charge .Having high quality footage is non-negotiable. (More about that in DISCOVER)



You are an actor and most importantly, you are an entrepreneur. Now’s the time when we get down to it. This is where we find out who you are, what your brand and type are, Who your customers/buyers are, start up costs, customer acquisition, market research and more. We examine your marketing materials (from headshots to resumes to websites to high quality footage and make sure they are all top notch. (Don’t have credits or high quality footage? We have the AGR Video Experience in which a scene(s) is written from you that is exemplary of your type and shot on the best cameras, scored and color graded. The Short Film Experience where we mentor you to create your own work and can submit every week on REELARC breakdowns via The Green Lounge. AGR brick and mortar offers several business and holistic classes that keep you at your best and in the know.

Oooh we also have the best scene study/on-camera classes around. Time to “hit the gym.”

Strong Recommendation: Set up a Career Consultation with AGR CEO Jen Rudolph to expedite the process.



The moment is here. It’s time to get out there and start meeting and working with casting directors, agents and managers. To take your product out into the world and grow and learn amongst those who you wish to work with. There is no better way than to get into a laboratory, see what happens and innovate from here on in. The market will tell you what you need to know and you have the tools and support now to revamp should you need to. You have a community to support you and a CEO who is on your side and personally invested. We are in this together.



Exclusive free access to REELARC breakdowns


AGR and REELARC have partnered up to bring you EXCLUSIVE free casting breakdowns

for free REELARC scenes.


 As a member of our Facebook group The Green Lounge, every Monday you get exclusive free access to free casting breakdowns for REELARC scenes. (pinned as an ANNOUNCEMENT) When you get cast in a REELARC scene via Moodcaster (Which you can find right here), you will get a FREE cinematic scene for your reel! A $599 value completely FREE just by being part of The Actor’s Green Room.


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The Actor's Green Room  is located at 15 West 28th Street (between 5th Avenue and Broadway), on the 9th Floor. 

Phone: 646.308.1229 ext. 1