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The Actor’s Green Room (founded by CEO Jen Rudolph) is a collective of incredible actors and creatives from all of the world.

AGRtists are passionate about creating the careers of their dreams. We believe that “a rising tide lifts all boats” and in the power of community. We connect actors and industry from all of the world via the AGR Accelerator, our membership program which offers the world’s first online interactive workshops and the ability to audit every single one of them. We believe that the holistic aspects of being an artist are equally as important as approaching one’s career like a CEO.

CEO Jen Rudolph created The 2% Signature System™ which helps actors become part of the 2% who get called in and book. For more information, visit Jen’s website.





"The Actor’s Green Room CEO, Jen Rudolph, continues to find joy in helping people make it into doors which are otherwise closed. 'It's so hard to break into a very saturated market. And much like in any business, you have a product,' she says. 'You need to come up with an innovative and a smart angle. I teach people how to go into that shark tank and slay it.'"

-Jeryl Brunner, Forbes Magazine



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