The AGR Short Film Experience

The AGR Short Film Experience is an all-encompassing program that provides practical tools and hands on experiences to members of our community who are looking to continue or begin creating their own short film content. AGR then provides opportunities for those short films to be seen by major industry professionals. From those who have never set foot on a set, to those who have made multiple films- this new experience offers something for everyone!

It all starts on the ground level: The Short Film Deep Dive

For those who have never created a film before or simply feel like they need more guidance before diving into another project- we introduce the Short Film Deep Dive.

In this two-day class you will be provided with the tools and knowledge to hit the ground

running and finally create your own content! Short Film Experience Coordinator and Line Producer, Shannon Hamm, teams up with Assistant Director, Samantha Winter, as they go over everything you need to know about filmmaking at all levels and uncover the secrets of production!

Immerse yourself in the experience: The Short Film Immersion Program

The AGRtist Short Film Immersion Program is a dynamic new opportunity that takes everything you have learned about filmmaking and producing in the Short Film Deep Dive and puts it into action!

Open to a limited number of AGRtists each month, The Short Film Immersion Program assembles small groups and helps them get the ball rolling! Alongside Short Film Experience Co- Coordinator Erin Roth, the group will work together on writing, pre-production, filming and post-production in just one month. At the end of the month, these groups will have the opportunity to screen their film at our Monthly Showcase which opens the doors to having their work seen by Casting Professionals, Agents and Managers!

Take it to the top: The Monthly Short Film Showcase

So, you think you have what it takes? Bring your skills to the test in the Monthly Short Film Showcase! Produce and create your own short film following a challenge format OR submit something you’ve been working on and then screen in competition. Then have the opportunity to have your work seen by industry professionals.

Each month we will showcase a small selection of short films that will be automatically placed into peer voting consideration. The top films from each month will then move onto a panel of Casting Directors who will then have the opportunity to see your work as they make their selections for the quarterly “BEST OF”. The “BEST OF” films will be screened for prominent industry professionals. This is an amazing evening and opportunity to network and celebrate the accomplishments of these projects.

The Best Of Screening

We host "The Best of the AGRtist Monthly Short Film Challenge" every quarter to present your films in front of prominent industry professionals. "Best Of" films are chosen based on the combination of audience votes at the monthly screening and the votes from a hand selected committee of Casting Directors.

Have more questions? Reach out to our coordinator, Shannon Hamm at

Meet Shannon Hamm


The AGR Short Film Experience Coordinator 

Shannon is an actress, producer and meditation teacher in NYC. Born and raised in Erie, Pennsylvania, Shannon spent her entire childhood performing in any way she could. Her first moment on stage was at age 3 for a dance recital and from that moment forward she knew she wanted to be an artist. After high school, she moved to New York City to study in the Integrated program at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy. Shortly after graduation, Shannon was lucky enough to land a job doing background work on the hit CBS Drama, The Good Wife. For 6 seasons, she was able to take in all that she could about the professional television and film world, all the while studying and pursuing speaking roles in indie projects and student films. Working behind the scenes at The Actors Green Room, Shannon has learned an invaluable amount about what happens on the other side of the table and in the audition room. She knows that the creative process encompasses so much more than just the talent on screen and loves the team process involved in making a film or television show come to life. Being on multiple AGR Monthly Short Film Challenge teams gave her opportunities to grow more as a producer and filmmaker and she is now thrilled to be the coordinator for the AGR Monthly Short Film Challenges! More at

Meet Erin Roth

Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 12.04.33 PM.png

The AGR Short Film Experience Co-Coordinator

Erin Roth is a New York City based actor, writer, director and producer. She has been acting in theater, film and commercials for over a decade and loves to both create and inspire others to create their own work.  Films she has produced have screened at international film festivals, including the Raindance Film Festival in London, and she currently has several pilots and a feature film in the works.  When she isn’t acting and writing you can find her doing comedy improv at The PIT with her improv team Mama’s Pearl, where they have a run through the end of 2018. Erin is also a Registered Rodenburg Teacher, certified by internationally renowned voice and speech for Shakespeare teacher, Patsy Rodenburg.  She loves teaching voice and speech for Shakespeare and coaching Shakespeare, and her passion is in empowering actors and non-actors alike through Shakespeare.  AGR has been her business, artistic, and holistic home for many years and she is beyond thrilled to be joining Shannon Hamm and the AGR team as Assistant Coordinator of the Monthly Short Film Screening Series.