Below are some industry professionals & services that we highly recommend:

Best Rehearsal Space



We hold our large one night events at Simple Studios!

The main reasons being that their space is beautiful, intimate, quiet, with several modest-size studios and they are very affordable. The staff is incredibly helpful, organized, the vibe is relaxed and they are conveniently located. (they are located on 29th Street between 6/7) They also have free WiFi, a nice lobby area, healthy snacks to purchase, and private, well-maintained bathrooms. We love them.

Best NYC Headshot Photographers


Melissa Hamburg Photography: Melissa’s photos have been successfully used for film, stage and television casting, book jackets, CD covers and corporate promotion.  Her headshot photography encompasses the most desirable combination of elements to produce an honest, quality representation of every subject.  A spacious, naturally lit studio and a fun, casual atmosphere encourage each person to feel relaxed and to enjoy the moment.


Jessica Osber Photography

Jessica Osber is fast becoming one of the most in-demand headshot photographers in New York City.  Her eye-catching images are inspired by her extensive work as an actor/director and her training with world-renowned portrait photographers. Jessica’s sessions are equal parts directive and collaborative, seeking to artfully tell the stories of each client while still producing professional and highly marketable headshots. While many other photographers rarely stray from their signature style, Jessica delivers a variety of looks to fit every situation. Jessica also specializes in branding shoots for self-marketing, social media, and other needs. 

Anthony Grasso, Actor/ Instructor / Photographer

His Photography career began with earning a BFA degree from SVA. Combining his artistic background with over two decades as actor and teacher, together these components and have guided him to shoot professional headshots for actors. Over the 25 yrs as an actor, he gained extensive knowledge of the acting community and fully understands the essence of a marketable headshot, in relation to the business. His warm and charismatic personality creates that essential actor/ photographer chemistry that produces the best and most natural you. Having direct referrals from other actors, agents and managers, Anthony has become one of the leading Headshot Photographers in NYC. Anthony currently lives in NY with his wife, actress Diane Harrington, and their daughter.


Yuko Kudo Photography  

I used to hate getting my pictures taken. I thought I was wasting their time and they were judging me. So I do my very best not to make my clients feel that way. "It's about you". I take pictures of you because I want you to know how amazing and beautiful you are. When you become crystal clear with your message, branding, characters, vision, and that's when YOU show up in the picture. Not what other people want for you or what YOU think people want from you. I love working with natural light and playing. 

Best VoiceOver Coach


Jane Dashow is a 25 year voice over veteran. She is a working actor and voice over talent that knows how to maximize YOUR voice, audition skills and script analysis. Jane also assists students with accent reduction, learning alternate accents and adjustment of mannerisms to expand casting possibilities. Her approach is honest, casual, one on one and fun. You’ll learn how to analyze copy for voice over work. You’ll also learn what works best for you and your voice. AND you’ll be better prepared to relax and rock it “in the room” or “in the booth”. Are you ready to feel completely confident? Jane can be reached at

Visit Jane's website:

Best Website Designer

Ashlee Mundy is an actor, writer and producer and when she began building websites on Squarespace, all that industry and artistry knowledge paid right off. She's got a true knack for showcasing an actor's strength on a digital interface. Not tech savvy at all? DO NOT WORRY. She can not only build you a clean, engaging, relevant to our time website but also teach you how to take over website maintenance yourself on the incredibly user friendly platform that is Squarespace with easy to follow video tutorials when the site is done. Or she'll simply be there to update for you and keep your website full of current information. All of this and for one of the best prices out there. 

Check out her website to see numerous example of her work and contact her directly through her design contact form or email link to talk about your specific website needs. 

Or for more info about any type of website or for any other questions, you can email her now at

Best Acupuncturist


If you are an actor who suffers from anxiety or just don't feel you are functioning at your most optimal level, Picara Vassallo is the person to see. Picara is a licensed acupuncturist and is certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) as a Diplomate of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. She received her four year Masters of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. Picara is gentle and understanding and truly gifted at what she does. She also works on a sliding scale and makes herself accessible to those in need. Picara is based in Manhattan and can be reached at: 215.880.9285 or via email at:  Visit Picara's website