smartphones, self slates + ecocasts workshop

with AGRtist olan montgomery


babies to the world : Official Trailer 

shot by Olan Montgomery on iPhone

This is your chance to learn how to film yourself. Great for those wanting to get in on the monthly challenge but feel like they don't have technical skills and equipment

Dates: Sunday, November 5th 2017

Time: 10:30AM-1:30PM

Location: The Actor's Green Room, 15 West 28th Street, New York, New York. 9th Floor

Cost: $40
Limited to 40 spots!

Ages 18 and up


Class Format
This is a NEW hands-on class in understanding the process of how to light, tape and process your slates and ecocasts yourself.

This class will teach you how you can achieve professional results shooting your own slate shots and last minute Eco casts using your iphone or smartphone. You will be shown What is needed to achieve this including lights, apps and attachments to turn your smartphone into a device for self taping, slates, and even to make those monthly AGR Film Challenge movies with your existing camera - your iPhone!

Reasons this class is a game changer:
1. Almost all work submissions for actors is happening at rapid pace online through submissions on Breakdown Services and other online sites.

2. Learning to use your iPhone well to record yourself in the best possible 'light' is now imperative for slate shots & self tape auditions which can have a very quick turn around.

This class takes the mystery out of using your phones camera to create professional looking footage, solving a huge problem that actors face every day when faced with quick turn around. It is designed to help you understand and present professionally what your agents may be asking you for in a moment notice so they can submit you for potential work.

We will spend a portion of class discussing and using a shotgun boom and tascam for sound too as well as bumping up your phones sound with an app.

This is not a how to take a selfie class.

Everyone should bring their smartphone fully charged and paper and something to write with as there will a lot of information you will want to remember. (Olan will be using his iPhone 6 to demonstrate with.)

Bring your sides, no more than two minutes, and wear an outfit top to match an existing headshot.  We will try to get as many involved participating in the process as possible.

Cancellation Policy
You may cancel and receive credit up to 7 days before the start date of the class. However, within 7 days of the start date of the class, no credit will be issued. Due to the nature and structure of this class, you will not receive credit or be able to make up any portion of this class for any reason if you cancel or miss a class after the start date.


About Olan Montogomery... 

Olan Montgomery is an identical twin, American pop-artist, actor, writer, producer, director notable for his portraits of both celebrities  and unknown people. His art techniques, published in several text books, show his mixed media technique.  He employs several techniques including one where he transfers his own photographs to canvas, in order to imbue photographic portraits with color. Village Voice art critic Michael Musto described the artist as "upping the subculture" referring to Olan's works in his published art book "POP -
Art inspired by New York's own subcultures from celebrity to subway something more through color & light."

Olan has presented 4 award-winning films in The Actors Green Room Monthly Short Film Challenge (TOGGLE, RUSH CALL CLOWN, SILENCE EQUALS, and AL & OLLIE) all of which he himself wrote, directed, and filmed.

Olan has costarred on BOARDWALK EMPIRE directed by Allen Coulter, LATE NIGHT WITH JOHN OLIVER, SETH MEYERS, and THE BLACKLIST directed by Terence O'Hara.

He has supporting roles in feature films APPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR directed by Desiree Akhavan and HOLLYWOOD DIRT directed by Tosca Musk.

He can be seen in the upcoming feature films GREEN DOLPHIN directed and by Chris Mcnealley and Keanu Reeves, ALTERSCAPE directed by Serge Levin and HAYMAKER directed by Nick Sasso for Hood River Entertainment.

Olan and his twin brother starred in HAM HEAD, an official selection at the AFI Film Fest in 2016.  The American Film Institute retains, restores, and protects American Films relevant to our culture and history such as THE WIZARD OF OZ.


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