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Get shit done on steroids with Jordan Ancel

Wednesday, September 19th
10AM - 2PM
limited to 40 students!

$60 for non-members
$50 for ELEVATE members

In this LIVE installment of Jordan Ancels’ 26 week Business Mastery Course, learn how to create goals, break down your formula for success, and create real accountability with consequences. Learn how to create and collaborate on new content, and share your work on social media in a way that will allow your brand to shine through.

About Jordan
Jordan Ancel is a writer, director, producer, author and serial entrepreneur whose latest anti-gun film, GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS, went viral twice on Facebook after crushing it on the festival circuit.
His book, BEHIND THE LINES: WHAT IT REALLY TAKES TO MAKE IT AS AN ACTOR, has helped thousands of actors level-up in their careers, and his Business of the Business Coaching for actors, filmmakers, and artists, has reshaped the careers and changed the lives of thousands of his students.
His belief that success can be achieved by anyone for any dream, and his desire to help as many people as he can to live into their greatness and achieve that success, is his driving force.





Check out Jordan on Instagram @jordandarin