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Tell Your Reps HOW to Pitch You + More with Jessica Blank and AGR Founder Jen Rudolph

Wednesday , April 10th 2019
6:30PM - 9:30PM
limited to 40 students!


Every week, I field questions from wildly diverse coaching clients about how to communicate effectively with agents and managers. Every actor in the business has questions on this topic---whether you're an unrepresented actor wondering how best to follow up or make the most of a personal connection, a CAA-repped actor trying to navigate your agency's massive corporate structure, a working actor at a boutique agency wanting to track how you're being submitted and pitched. . . whether you're brand-new at your agency or you've been there ten years. . . whether you're happy where you're at or trying to figure out if it's time to make a move. Figuring out how to manage all this on your own can be tricky, and too many actors spend too much of their precious time and creative energy worrying about how to communicate with reps.  Knowledge is power, and getting real answers to these questions will help empower you to be more comfortable, collaborative, and effective within these crucial business relationships.