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  • The Actor's Green Room 15 West 28th Street New York, NY, 10001 United States (map)

Monday, October 8th 7PM-9PM
Price: $60

Limited to 60 students

Using chemistry and connection to up level In the audition room, your relationships and your life

"You have to drop all your defenses, only then is intimacy possible,  We are all hiding a thousand and one things, not only from others but from ourselves."  Osho

It is time to dive deep and come to your artistry as you were designed to.  Actors are Storytellers of the human condition yet so many of us are hiding away the parts of our own humanness that we dislike or think is messy or ugly.  Learning to accept both your shadow self and your light is the first step to enlightened acting.  It is a vital step in learning to connect with your reader, your collaborators, authentically connect with casting and all the characters you meet along the way.  From this place of intimacy we begin to connect to our primal and exciting abilities to create INSTANT chemistry -- in an audition, on set, anywhere.  If you desire to move from outside to in the game you must first up level your bravery and commitment to yourself.  Come find out how.