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Los Angeles: Book the Job in 10 Seconds with AGR Founder Jen Rudolph + Natalie Roy

  • The Actor's Green Room 15 West 28th Street New York, NY, 10001 United States (map)

Wednesday, January 16th 2019
Price: $40 
Limited to 30 people


LOCATION: Space Station L.A., 950 N. Cahuenga Blvd. Hollywood, CA 90038


They say you only have one chance to make a first impression. As an actor, the energy, presence and professionalism you walk into the room with tells your story. The job of the casting director is to make an immediate assessment if what they are feeling, sensing and seeing is the right fit for the role and the project. Join Jen Rudolph and Natalie Roy for an evening of understanding what you are presenting and how to optimize your energy and ability to book the room in the first 10 seconds.


“What a fantastic "Book The Job In 10 Seconds" class last night with Jen and Natalie! As actors we usually only see an audition from our perspective, but it's an entirely different view through the CD's eyes. Last night's seminar was truly eye-opening. If you get a chance to take this class in the future don't let it pass you by.” - Larry Dagget

“Take the “Book the Room In 10 Seconds” class with Natalie and Jen! It’s everything a great class should be: informative, fun, and incredibly helpful for anyone new to navigating the aspects of the business outside of the actual “acting” Better yet, it’s taught by people with immensely valuable insight on all of it!” - Brian Post

“I just got out of the Book it in Ten Seconds class! Jen and Natalie Roy do not disappoint (but do they ever?)!! This class was so good at defining your energy that makes you bookable, castable and LIKEABLE!! The class was lot of fun while learning very useful information. One thing I loved is how everyone is different and when they let their guard down, their true essence shines! Great meeting everyone and always a pleasure to watch and listen to Jen and Natalie do their thing! Thanks for a great class!” - Jennifer Gegan

“I just got home from Natalie and Jen’s Book The Room class—it was so much fun! A little scary, a lot of insight, and a great amount of support from everyone in the room. With this class, you don’t just learn how to book the job, but it helps you build a long lasting relationship with casting. It helps you book your career! If acting is your jam, don’t sit on the sidelines. Grab the reins and head to AGR! Loved, loved, loved it. Thank you, Jen and Natalie!” - Catherine Jacobs

“Chiming in on the love for last night's "Book the Job in 10 Seconds" class - there were extremely valuable nuggets for both green and seasoned actors in there! Biggest takeaways for me: how important it is to value ourselves, stay grounded, and not take this business personally (need reminders of that all the time), connecting with CD's like we're in this together is majorly important, and that we all have a unique essence that comes across in just a few seconds. Great feedback and laughs, so very happy to finally be able to participate more with this group live!” - Mary McGahren