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INTRODUCING: dream big go hard with eden marryshow

“Dream Big, Go Hard,” is an engaging, interactive workshop series to inspire greatness through the recognition of self worth. The workshop is conducted in a group environment where participants are contracted to provide a safe space to openly reflect upon their self image. On this “Dream Big, Go Hard!” expedition participants will take 100% responsibility of their lives through identifying their passion and taking action toward achievement. Reframing their failure as feedback, participants will adjust their response to life’s obstacles thus inspiring positive outcomes

Part I of the class will cover the “fulfillment” side go DREAMING. Fulfillment is and art - it is subject to each individuals own feelings. It will include covering many topics to help us become aware of why we feel and do the things we do because that’s where real change begins. As well as deeply exploring exactly what we want out of our life so that we all feel truly fulfilled on a personal level. This awareness of what we really want in life will help us all stop going in circles and wondering why we are not enjoying the process.


About Eden
Eden Marryshow is a native of Flatbush, Brooklyn. For over a decade, Eden served NYC’s Department of Education where he taught special needs children with patience and compassion. Eden embraced his position as a father figure and role model to some of NYC’s most marginalized youth. He felt his most important responsibility was share his Big Dream with his students, to encourage them to Dream Big, no matter how silly it sounds... and of course: to say it out loud.
Latina "Peanut" Bilbro, one of his most beloved students, would always tell him that she believed in him -- she knew he was going to make movies someday. While driving to work on June 22nd 2006, Eden received a call that Peanut was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting. He finally realized how short life is and decided to keep his promise to his beloved Peanut, it was time to follow his dream... and to prove her right. He hasn’t looked back since.
Eden’s feature film BRUCE!!!! is finishing up it’s festival circuit run where it’s won multiple awards including the Grand Jury Prize: Best Director at the American Black Film Festival, the HBO Best Feature Award and the overall Audience Award at Martha’s Vineyard African American Film Festival, and was an Official Selection at the Urban World Film Festival and New Voices in Black Cinema at BAM.
Some of Eden’s acting credits include: Jessica Jones (Netflix), The Normal Heart (HBO), Full Circle (ABFF), First Dates (ABFF), White Girl (Sundance Film Festival), Tallulah (Sundance Film Festival), The Black List (NBC), Forever (ABC), Nurse Jackie (ShowTime),