Jency Allison Weeks

"I have to GUSH over how lovely Elevate is and how #ThisShitWorks!

I have been doing the OM-work with Natalie Roy, learning new tools from Jordan Ancel, and of course the marketing from Jen Rudolph - applied it to not only my craft (which is a different OMG AWESOME moment), but to my production company and I SOLD A SHOW! SOLD. A. SHOW! Not only that - but with the tools I learned, I will be one of the EPs and am training under a very successful show runner to start that journey!

If you aren't a member of Elevate - - - WHY? Go now and trust me! Our careers (and life) are like skyscrapers - always adding new levels, switching out the old furniture, repainting and always a work in progress so we can stand out in the skyline! Go add a new scaffold to YOUR skyscraper and start the process of adding and redefining! Enjoy!"

Jen Rudolph