Week 17 - Fierce


Action: showing a heartfelt and powerful intensity

Many of us do not pursue our careers with fierceness.

We approach with frustration, anger, aggression, lethargy, apathy or even dislike.

Sometimes we approach with a certain type of fervor that is born of a recent success

but that quickly fades back to frustration or a “I’m gonna show them all” mentality.

Some of us want to throw in the towel, but also don’t because it would kill us to have

to hear all the “I told you so’s” from those who thought our dreams were frivolous or

unrealistic from the get.

It is tricky to be fierce. Especially the fierceness that is born outside of circumstance.

The one that is the single hearted focus and intention of our Muse.

The show Accidentally Brave I recently assistant directed has a great line...

Our lead Maddy Corman, sitting on the floor, at her rock bottom is talking with her

“Angel” — her confident and friend during the lowest point in her life who says, “Be

fierce Maddy!” To which Maddy responds, “I am not being fierce. Or maybe I am. It

just doesn’t look like Angelina Jolie in smokey eye. It looks like scared, skinny me,

getting up and falling down.”

And yes. That is exactly what fierce looks like.

Fierce is the state of being that says, get up one more time.

Fierce doesn’t give up because it knows it can’t.

It says — this dream IS me. It isn’t going anywhere. I can fight in. Push it down.

Pretend its not there. Distract myself doing something else for a while. But it is NEVER

going away. It is ME and it came here to manifest.

So why fight it?

If your career feels stuck or too frustrating — do something that makes you blissfully

happy along side of it. Let it change form or take you in a new direction. But don’t try

to be rid of it. You are fighting a war you can’t and don’t actually want to win.

“The artist who is fierce is able to sacrifice his ego and his perception of safety to go to

a place that frightens him. He cares so much about the work and the community and

the opportunity to make a difference that he’s able to be rational when everyone else

winds themselves into a knot of being furious.

Fierceness takes honesty and commitment. It means telling yourself the truth about

what’s at stake and what’s possible, without expending a drop of energy on trying to

make everything okay.

Because everything will never be okay.

And everything will always be okay.”

Be fierce brave artist.


Jen Rudolph