Week 13 - Unprepared


For so many of us being unprepared is our greatest fear.
We fear showing up at an audition and forgetting our lines or being seen as a novice. We fear feeling green on set yet also too embarrassed to ask questions.
We hold ourselves back under the illusion of “not ready” waiting for the green pastures of “one day” that never comes.

It is a sabotage.

The truth of mastery is KNOWING you aren’t ready and doing the work anyway. ONLY the work can ever make you “ready” and you re only “ready” because you showed and did the work...

See how that works????

Can a woman possibly be ready to give birth, or TRULY prepare for it? She steps into it the second it is HAPPENING.

Could you have been ready to walk or talk until the moment you just started attempting it?

Can you ever truly be “ready” to be an artist or do you become an artist by BEING one?

You are ALWAYS unprepared. That is how it works.

The only problem is, we have started using “I am not ready” as an excuse to not do it, take the chance, take our turn, show up...

But if you don’t show up...you will never be there.

It isn’t about READINESS but WILLINGNESS....

“We are unprepared to do something for the first time, always. We are unprepared to create a new kind of beauty, to connect with another human in a way we’ve never connected before. We are unprepared for our first best seller or for a massive failure unlike any we’ve seen before. We are unprepared to fall in love and to be loved.

We are unprepared for the reaction when we surprise and delight someone, and we are always unprepared for the next breakthrough.” — Seth Godin

The second you declare yourself an artist, an actor, a writer your ONLY job is to advocate for it and not makes excuses of why it is hard or you are behind or you can’t.

As you take step after step in the direction of your dream, your dream moves closer. The only thing that keeps it in the far off land of the future is your UNWILLINGNESS to begin walking. As you walk, everything moves.

This week can you notice all the ways your Ego tries to tell you that you are not ready...

Does it tell you “now is not the time.”
Does it tell you “you need more credits, or experience, or better pictures first.” Does it tell you “you need more training or time in the game?”

The Ego is not helping you play the game if it is keeping you out of it.
You don’t get better by sitting on the sidelines.
Get on the court. Sign up for class. Take the damn picture. Sit down and write. It is your turn.

Jen Rudolph