Week 16 - Just Do It


Straight from Seth Godin’s incredible book What To Do When It’s Your Turn... “More than four hundred years ago, Gutenberg launched the printing press. What a foolish time to bring a book manufacturing system to Europe — 96 percent of the population was illiterate.

When Karl Benz introduced the car to Germany, it was against the law to drive a car. He had to get a letter from the King granting him permission to use his new device.

And worth mentioning, no one knew how to drive a car. And there were no roads. And no gas stations.”

Many people will tell you what you dream of doing is foolish. Sometimes the resources aren’t even available yet.

To people without vision, you might look crazy or untalented or frivolous.

Are you making art for those people?
Or are you making art because the inspiration came to you and therefor you know you are meant to parent it into the world, no matter what the world or anyone in it thinks?

INNOVATION is scary to the status quo.

Most people are devoted to maintaining that status quo.

People want to feel safe above all.
If you come along and disrupt their idea of safety with a performance, and idea or an innovation they will try to burn you at the stake.

They are doing their job.

You still have to do yours.

  1. You have to understand that if you were not the most perfect, most ideal person for this to manifest through, it would not have come to you. It does not BELONG to you. It was given to you to take the next step with. It becomes your responsibility as soon as you consciously receive it.

  2. You don’t have to know the HOWS. The hows are not your job. Moving the project, the idea, the art forward is your only job. You don’t have to see the entire staircase. You just HAVE to take the next step.

  3. If it is NEW, innovative, revolutionary or different people will hate it. And hate you. And judge it. And judge you. And that’s ok. Maybe it’s even how you know you are onto something.

  4.  Just keep going.

Have you even heard of Charles Pollock? No, not Jackson Pollock.


Oh, well he was a painter.
And he had a famous brother, Jackson, who was also a painter.

So why do you know about one brother and not the other?
Because while Jackson was off innovating and creating the first action painting the world had ever seen, Charles was painting murals and heroic imagery, just like his teacher Thomas Hart Benton.

Charles was a master painter.
He was just painting what he had been shown by another master before him Genius. But a copy.

Jackson on the other hand didn’t paint the way he had been taught to.
He did something different. He did HIMSELF. His own unique expression. He did what had not been done before. And so we remember.

Did you become an actor to become the next Meryl Streep or Bradley Cooper?
Or did you become an actor to tell human stories through the body, mind heart and soul of YOU.

Well if you surrender all your people pleasing and need to be liked for your own artistic authenticity the world may not be ready for you...
You may book less jobs.
You may be seen as too out there.

Too much.

Something people can’t figure out or put their finger on.

But while they are trying to figure you out, you will probably make something incredible. Life changing. Paradigm shattering. So you probably won’t care.

Be you. The world will adjust. And enjoy.


Jen Rudolph