Week 9 - If you want to win, you have to fail...


Yes. It is true.
So many of us are AFRAID of the very thing we need MOST.

Remember learning to walk or talk?
Do you remember the crazy amounts of times you fell or said the wrong thing? No. And it was WAY more than you are failing now.

THEN you didn’t judge yourself. You didn’t shame yourself or tell yourself there was something wrong with you or perhaps you were on the wrong path and you should stop learning to walk or talk because OBVIOUSLY it is not for you because you can’t execute it perfectly....

THEN you failed often and big. You failed publicly. You failed daily. Hourly. And you didn’t care...so you GREW and you grew FAST.

Now you may feel stuck, or like the journey is taking wayyyyyy too long. My friends, perhaps it is because you are not failing enough.

They say all growth happens outside of your comfort zone.
They say we grow and evolve more in our struggles than our wins. WE SAY all we want is to be prolific, amazing artists...
And yet...
The very thing that would get us there SOONER...
We avoid.


Are we scared people with judge us?
Are we scared we will put ourselves out there and it still won’t work? Is that worth sacrificing our dream for?

If we play small FOR SURE we will be hurt less... And FOR SURE we will hurt ourselves more.

Regret and “what if” are heavy burdens...

Stephen King often goes to writing conferences. He takes questions. People always ask , ‘what kind of pencils do you use to write your book?’ It is almost as if knowing what kind of pencil Stephen uses will help them be more like him.

People often go up to folks who invent or create and say, ‘where do you get all your good ideas?’ This is a really bad question.

The RIGHT question is, ‘where do you get all your BAD ideas?’ Because if you have enough bad ideas, you’ll absolutely have no trouble having enough good ideas. That’s what people who create do, they let the ideas out. They sit and they do the work and the ideas come.

Bad ideas, good ideas, it’s not your to judge. Your only job is to produce. After you produce you can curate. You can select. You can censor. For now, have bad ideas, lot’s of bad ideas.

The rule is simple: the person who fails the most will win. If I fail more than you do I will win. Because in order to keep failing, you’ve got to be good enough to keep playing. So if you fail cataclysmically and never play again, you only fail once. But if you are always there shipping, putting your work in the world, creating and starting things, you will learn endless things. You will learn to see more accurately, you will learn the difference between a good idea and a bad idea, most of all, you will keep going.”

Seth Godin

Might be fun to post your latest failures here.
Might even be inspiring. Certainly more so than the endless stream of “look how great I am doing!” posts we all fall into.

Give it a shot.
You just might win.


Jen Rudolph