Week 6 - Roller Coasters


Straight from Seth Godin...

“I hope we can agree that a roller coaster that fails to thrill isn’t much of a ride. But who decides what thrilling is? Why do some people crave bigger and bigger coasters while others have trouble with even a small one?

The elements that makes them thrilling then, isn’t the coaster; it’s the experience we create in our head.

And that experience comes from encountering two things at once: the knowledge that

this thing is tested, safe and proven, combined with the innate feeling that at any moment, we’re going to die.

Together, at the same time.

Fun, not fun. Work, not work. Successful, not successful.
Without this tension, there’s no true freedom...”
All that we love and feel truly turned on by in life comes with TENSION.

Pete Rollins says all relationships are sustained through tension. He argues that if a relationship releases all of its tension that is typically when one spouse or partner will cheat or stray or become somewhat reckless. And it is NEVER about the person they might sleep with or the thing they are buying...it is an unconscious attempt to create the necessary tension to keep the relationship ongoing and connected. It is the unconscious fear that the relationship, if free of tension, will end. It is an act to ENLIVEN something, not move away from something.

It’s a fascinating theory.

That although we spend our lives trying to solve problem after problem in an effort to be “free” we are actually drawn to and turned on by and in need of TENSION.

So perhaps we are going about our careers all wrong.
Always trying to RELIEVE the tension we feel at auditions or in trying to move the ball of our talent forward. PERHAPS there is true power in ACCEPTING the tension as the very thing that makes us so HOT for our art. It is the very frustrating but stimulating thing that keeps us from boredom or complacency. It is the very juice that keeps us wanting more.

And without this stimulus, maybe we would quit. And we mustn’t...because the world NEEDS us not to.

Our talent is our birthright and we have to be responsible to it.
So let’s surrender to the tension of this whole thing and see what mad love we can make!


Jen Rudolph