CONGRATULATIONS!!! If you are on this platform, as a paid member , then you are already living life in a congruent way to support your ACTUAL dreams. Now let’s check in and make sure we are all in...

Seth Godin tells us:

“The safest dreams we experience are dreams with no hope of coming true. The dreams of super powers, of omnipotence, of immortality. The teenage who dreams of stardom but never puts in the work isn’t dreaming he’s HIDING.

Superman is a safe bet because none of us will ever have to become the man of steel or fly off a building.

Concrete dreams, on the other hand, are based on EFFORT and a keen sense of what is possible. Concrete dreams juxtapose what if with the MAYBE. They expose us to hope and risk at the very same time.

Living with the POSSIBLE takes guts.”

Psychology tells us that ABSTRACT dreams are MORE detrimental than not having dreams at all. They masquerade as purpose and drive while giving us permission to do nothing.

Similarly the modern obsession with “manifestation” and “the law of attraction” can be tricky. Perhaps we can trick ourselves into thinking if we only sit quietly between scrolls on facebook and Netflix binges thinking of our very best life, it is headed our way...

The truth is, mastery is the companion of dreams coming true. YES we can be in positive vibration and attract more of that to us. YES we can activate our dreams through the dreaming of them and the experiencing of them on a cellular level via dreams and meditation but the LIVING of our dreams comes when the inner work and outer work get on the road and start driving.

So many of us will say, “Acting, or being an artist is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing to me.” Yet if someone suggests taking a class or revamping your materials or taking yet another headshot you groan and think...haven’t I done enough???

Sometimes it’s, “I MOVED here, I pay enormous amount of rent...doesn’t that show the universe I mean business?”

Sometimes it’s, “I finally got an agent, doesn’t that mean THEY take the reins now?”

Sometimes it’s, “But I did twelve short films already, can’t I move on to something else?”

And you can insert your own....

It is helpful to ask yourself, and really ask yourself...

Now...there is NOTHING and I mean NOTHING wrong with taking your foot off the gas. If you are tired or over it or resentful...STOP! Take a break, go on vacation, GUILT FREE! Do not stop, only to check on FB to see who is getting ahead. HONOR YOURSELF. If you need rest, or a break or to do something else for a minute give yourself grace. You are actually FEEDING your own spirit when you do this — and if and when you decide to come back you will have fully charged hearts and batteries and have far more to give than anything you missed.

As Seth says, it is time for us to LIVE WITH POSSIBLE. And it takes guts.

Be fully responsible for WHATEVER you are choosing.

If you are choosing rest then stand by rest with all you are.

And if you are choosing to move towards this dream then do that with all you have too.

Whatever you choose is creating new possibilities in your life.

It is scary and exciting and awesome.

You cannot get it wrong, if you are showing up FULLY to whatever is your dream.


Jen Rudolph