“Two people are on an escalator. They are well dressed, stressed and in a hurry. Suddenly with a lurch the escalator comes to a strop and both people are now trapped on a broken escalator, apparently unable to get to safety. The first sighs in frustration and the second starts calling for help. Here are two important people unable to get to where they need to go because the escalator is broken and there is no one to fix it or rescue them.” — Seth Godin

Isn’t this how being an artist feels sometimes?
We are STUCK.
We were moving in what we thought was the right direction.
We believed we were in the right place, going the right way and then...


But are we really?

Are you REALLY telling yourself how unfair it is, how hard it is, asking why someone won’t come save you or rescue you or make it better for you when you could just... START WALKING??????

Did it even occur?
That you ALWAYS have power.
The escalator stopped. It wasn’t personal. It didn’t do it TO YOU, it just did it.
It isn’t because you are a bad person or artist or not good enough or need to be fixed or better. YOU are perfect. It is the escalator that broke. NOT you.

And you don’t have to wait. You are not a damsel in artistic distress. Just start walking.

And what would walking look like for you?
Does it mean taking a pause and going shopping or on a vacation?
Does it mean getting new materials or signing up for an acting class?
Does it mean learning a new language or starting to meditate or sending a postcard?

For everyone, at some point, or many points on the artistic journey the escalator stops. It isn’t about you.
But what you do with yourself IS.
You have the power to start walking.

Stuck manifests in a lot of ways.
Sometimes the escalator stopping is our own sabotage, or our type is out, or our agent drops us, or someone else gets something you wanted, or, or, or....

But the CHOICE to be stuck and stay stuck is ours.
We can call out for help or we can take a step.
We can sigh and complain or we can take another step. Before you know it, you will have set yourself free.
Now you can get back to making art.


Jen Rudolph