Week 1: HERE WE GO....

Week 1: HERE WE GO....

While standing on one foot, we ask impatiently, “what’s this about?”
We don’t go to a movie unless the coming attraction tells us exactly what to expect. We don’t listen to music we’re not sure we’ll like.
And we want to know how to pigeonhole every idea and every book so we can move on and click.

Please, wait.

Let it simmer. It might not be for you, but at least this time postpone the relief of resolution. This is your opportunity to make something that matters.

Welcome to a new season and a fresh start of OM WORK.
We spend the fall and winter exploring Elizabeth Gilbert’s great work BIG MAGIC and now we move onto another favorite artist, writer and author of mine, Seth Godin.

Seth is here to ask us some questions. To stir our curiosity and to beg us not to seek any kind of answer, but rather let the questions have their way with us and love us someplace foreign, new and even sexy. (Well that’s where I wanna go anyway).

Seth’s book WHAT TO DO WHEN IT’S YOUR TURN (AND IT’S ALWAYS YOUR TURN) is here to tell us the moment of power is here and now. And that power may look and feel different then we think, and how awesome might that be, if only we are willing to let go of our control and need to know it all.

Seth says it is our turn to:

Speak up
Stand out
Build a following
Market a product
Make a connection
Solve an interesting problem
Write, Sing, Invent, Create
Ask a question
Launch a project
Organize a protest
Open the door for somebody
Question Authority
Make a short film, Direct, Produce, Create or Adopt Learn a new skill
Help someone who needs you
Be missed if you’re gone
Make a ruckus...

His claim is that this is our birthright. We are creators and artists and it is ALWAYS our turn for whatever we wish to play, create, move or express.

What is DOESN’T promise is that is will be “guaranteed to work.” He says, “It might now work. I hope you do it anyway.”

We HAVE to dismantle our requirement relationship with our creative genius.
We have to stand for our right to show up, audition, play, express and experience our life without needing ANYTHING to come from it.

Eckart Tolle tells the story of the best Archer in the world who was always on top. One day he missed the target. When an audience member asked why he said, “I started thinking about my desire to win, my desire to be the best, and I stopped pointing my bow at the target.”

When we are obsessed with where the journey is LEADING us over the journey itself we have lost sight of our target. Without being IN THE PRESENT MOMENT we have no power. When we walk into an audition attempting to get a job rather than to DO an audition, we have already lost.

The need to win, stole the Archer’s power and talent.
Our need to “get somewhere” or “achieve something” robs us of ours.

It is our turn.
What will you do with this one precious moment before you?

Take aim. Stare at the target before you. Your dream is right here.


Jen Rudolph