Seth Godin says there are three problems with freedom: - things often don’t turn out precisely the way we hope - resolution takes too long
- we might fail....

And so many of us, much of the time, listen to the excuses and justifications telling us why NOT to do something and convince ourselves we have EVERY RIGHT to NOT do it, even if we want to and we take a pass.

Time goes by...
We feel restless and like we are living underneath our potential.
We feel stuck and angry.
We are made at the conditions, the world and ourselves.
We shame and shit talk ourselves.
We might eventually get so mad we say “this time I am GOING to do it!” And the cycle continues....

All because we can’t just look at the resistance with love and say — oh I get it... I am embarking on something I REALLY care about and it might not work...
I might get hurt...
I might fail...

but what if....


What if people are allowed to not like me?
What if it is allowed to take its time?
What if I am allowed to fail?
What if I could celebrate the fact that given all these circumstances I am the person who does it anyway?

Because I am more interested in MOVEMENT than WINNING. I am more interested in GROWTH than achievement.
I am more interested in TRANSFORMING than PERFECTING.

Now the artist comes to play.

The artist in you couldn’t care less about getting it right. What child tries to sing or bang on pots “the right way?”

Seth says, “Perhaps it would be better for everything to be moving. Moving forward, with generosity. moving forward with a willingness to live with the tension. Moving forward, learning as you go. The person who fails the most, wins.”

When we redefine failure as a necessary part of the process and the VITAL part of the process that tells us “now we are getting somewhere!!!” We can greet it with ease and acceptance. It doesn’t mean we have done something wrong, it means we have finally become brave enough to participate. And that is what counts.

The real failure is being given this life, this talent and this moment and taking a pass. That’s the only failure.
The rest is growth.
The rest is the opportunity to messily and lovingly do something new.

Something only you can do.
And saying YES to it, with all its twists and uncertainties is your only job. And you were tailor made for it.

You are worth it, Natalie

Jen Rudolph