Week 27 - Do Something Else


Waiting for auditions is rough. Waiting for auditions after having had a bad one, or none for a while, lethal.


Telling the Universe over and over that you can only “act” or be creative when someone else says so is a VERY BAD MODEL.

Would you live in a world where you could only eat or go to the bathroom when someone else gave you the ok? Of course not. Because it is imprisonment.

Take your talent out of jail. Take ourself on a playdate.


Creativity is an EVER flowing channel.
It never stops.
The radio dial is ALWAYS turned on.
You can dance or plug your ears...the choice is yours...but the music is there. Always.

There was a time when I wasn’t auditioning a lot recently.
I didn’t want to feel rusty or disconnected from the play of exploring scenes.
My friends and I got our phones out and made a Monday afternoon date each week. We would read scenes with each other and record them and give each other feedback and redirection. Both of my friends participating are Broadway Stars. They too wanted creativity to flow, even between 8 shows a week.

Because WE CAN!

And we KNOW that whatever we practice we get better at!
And I am not talking “practicing” at auditioning — I am talking about the practice of being devoted to the process and relationship to creativity everyday.

Sometimes that will look like practicing a scene.
Sometimes it will look like practicing a fake Miss America walk.
Sometimes it will look like practicing being in nature, painting a picture or learning a new language or to ride a unicycle or to do hop scotch.

It doesn’t matter what you do. It matters THAT you do.

Liz says being in motion is the way to keep creativity flowing.

“You don’t need to conduct autopsies on your disasters. You don;t need to know what anything means. Chop that failure up and use it for bait to try to catch another project. Someday it might all make sense to you — why you needed to go through this botched up mess in order to land in a better place. Or maybe it will never make sense. So be it. Move on anyway.”

Liz talks about Einstein’s trick.
A little something called “combinatory play.”

The idea that you can open up one channel inside of you by dabbling in another.

“That is why he would often play the violin when he was having difficulty solving a mathematical puzzle; after a few hours of sonatas, he could usually find the answer he needed.”

We get so stuck in the form of what we create, or what we are.
I am an actor so therefor I act, and I dare not split my focus elsewhere for fear of getting behind! I am a writer so I must write all day and everyday or else I will never make it.

I don’ know about you but I did not come out of my mothers body with a tag that read “actor”.

I showed up wet, slimy and crying.
And one day at a time I learned a few new things.
And I got real curious about life.
And one day my curiosity lead me to make believe and storytelling. And I just kept being curious about it...
And here I am.
Still curious about it. So I keep moving towards it.

But here is the thing...
I am also SO curious about SO MANY OTHER THINGS!!!!!

Jumping out of airplanes, traveling, food, wine, seeing things and places my eyes have never seen, writing, singing, reading, nature, sex, make up, the nature of aliveness...

My list of curiosities goes on and on.
So when acting is alluding me, look at al the things I can play with!
And wouldn’t you know it?
Just like when you are desperately looking for a love mate you never find one...
But the second you get busy having fun and BEING in love with life Mr or Mrs. Right shows up?

You will be surprised what comes in when you stay motivated with life. Just keep moving.
Don’t look back. Follow the muse... Natalie

Jen Rudolph