Week 25 - Interesting


I find it ironic that we are desperate for casting directors or directors or lovers or anyone to be interested in US when most of us are not really that interested in anything other then getting someone interested in us.

Are we interested in them? Are we interested in life?

I love to wake up and stare at the sky and try to imagine this is the first time I ever saw it. Seriously, try it. You might even cry.

I got this idea one day when a friend of mine had a new born baby and he snapped a picture of the first moment his baby opened his little eyes and saw “light”. This baby — like one second old, who probably had no idea what it was “seeing” because its little eyes aren't even developed yet — but this baby “saw.” And seeing this picture made me swear that until the day I die I will never forget again to see.

We must activate our interest in life.
Not just in learning to nail an audition or do choreography.
We must learn to truly play on this big world playground and take in all the majesty and adventure around every single corner!

How often do you look at people on the subway and think — what is their life? Who are they?
What did they eat for breakfast?
Why did they pick that shirt today?

What does their closet look like? What do they put in their coffee?

We mostly miss it.
Under the guise of “focusing” on being an artist.

What is being an actor?????
A storyteller, an embody-er of HUMANITY.
Yet, all I care about is my own?????
Life is a BANQUET of triggers and light and color and experience and things to observe and ask questions about and learn and hate and love...
Why is my experience box so limited?
There too must be my artist box. I have so little to draw on, cosmically speaking.

Liz Gilbert describes this in a way I LOVE, in BIG MAGIC...

“I like that James Franco takes whatever acting job he wants (serious drama one minute, campy comedy the next) because he recognizes that it doesn’t all have to earn him an oscar nomination — and I like that, between acting gigs, he also pursues his interests in art, fashion, academia, and writing. I just like that the dude does whatever he wants!

I like that Bruce Springsteen doesn’t merely create epic stadium anthems, but also once wrote an entire album based on a John Steinbeck novel ***and I (Natalie) will add, Liz, He just wrote the music and lyrics to PRETTY WOMAN on Broadway! ***

I like that Picasso messed around with ceramics.

I once heard director Mike Nichols speak about his prolific film career, and he said that he’s always been really interested in his failures. Whenever he saw one of them airing on late night TV, he would sit down and watch it all over again — something he never did with his successes. He would watch with curiosity, thinking, That’s so interesting how that scene didn’t work out...

NO SHAME, NO DESPAIR — just a sense that it’s all very interesting...”

Are you feeling the freedom and power in this? Cn we get an AMEN for Liz!

What if every single audition you did was just INTERESTING to you. Not “good” or “bad” or “a failure” or a “win.”
Just interesting.

What if every project you created was just interesting...
What if every rejection you faced was SO interesting to you.
What if EVERYTHING became an opportunity, not a place of judgement...

Can you just find the whole thing VERY interesting?


Jen Rudolph