WEEK 15 - Vows


With everything in life, it is just really easy to bail. Right now is prime “setting the stage to bail” time.

We are all EXCITED!
We are going to REALLY do it this time!
We are making ALL the commitments and by God we will stick to it THIS TIME!

In roughly 3-13 weeks 99% of us will be back to our patterns. Our habits.

It is not because we are weak.

It is because will power is.

Will Power is like that boy in high school who gave you the promise ring. FULL of promise...never delivers.

Psychology shows us again and again, study after study that one month after winning the lottery participants returned to their basic level of well being.

Accident victims who became paraplegic within a year of the accident most often resumed their state of happiness from beforehand.

Whatever we SAY we want, if our actions are not in support of our words WE WILL BAIL.

We need to put our money where our mouths are.
We need to decide that COMMITTING and being CONGRUENT and TRUSTWORTHY (that when we say we will do something, it does in fact get done, time and time again) is the base level of devotion required.

We need to be SO IN LOVE with our dreams, our creativity and creative living that we VOW to stay forever, and then spend our lives holding that vow as sacred.

And so we find ourself entering PART 2 of our BIG MAGIC book club with our homegirl Elizabeth Gilbert.

Part 1 was an exploration on creativity, creative living, inspiration, magic, courage and permission.

Part 2 we are taking the kid gloves off and going deep.
Here we activate our persistence, dedication, trust and faith.

It’s a New Year. 2019.

No matter where you have come from, or what you feel you accomplished or not in the previous year it is now time to begin ANEW.

It is NOT time to reinvent yourself with over zealous goals that are unsustainable. It IS time to commit.
To fall in love.
And to declare your love from the rooftops.

CREATIVITY....My dream, my love, my life force, I choose you! I am the luckiest person alive to be with you. To share life with you and I promise you from this day forward to have and to hold you with reverence, passion and unending devotion!

Or whatever your version is....

It’s time my friends.
To write your vow to your creative life.

Here is a beautiful example from Liz Gilbert herself (translated by me into present tense)...

“I simply vow to the Universe that I will write forever, regardless of result. I promise that I will try to be brave about it, and grateful, and as uncomplaining as I can possibly be. I also promise that I will never ask writing to take care of me financially, but that I will always take care of it — meaning that I will always support us both, by any means necessary. I do not ask for any external rewards for my devotion; I just want to spend my life as near to writing as possible — forever close to that source of all my curiosity and contentment — and so I am willing to make whatever arrangements need to be in order to get by.”

Your turn.
No empty promises.
No overly dramatic gestures that will inevitably fall away. Truth, devotion, and love.
Commit. Or as the Yogi’s say ATTA.
The time is now.

Happy New Year


Jen Rudolph