Week 2 - Creative Living


Creative living as Liz describes it is “living a life that is driven more strongly by curiosity then fear.”

As yoga describes it, in the form of Dharma or your “purpose”, “to live in harmony with the divine order of the cosmos.”

As I describe it, “living a life of your desired choosing.”
Life is to choose your own adventure and most of us think it is all chosen for us and we have no choice.

Many artists feel if they don’t have an agent or credits they are “stuck.” They can’t work. They can’t move forward. Perhaps someone suggests you make your own work and you say, “with what money?” Again you feel stuck.

What I just described is NOT a life of creative living.
It is a life of making results and “success” more important than what turns you on, makes you curious or activates your desire.

That is the same life as the one you say you left to choose being an artist for.
That life where you work a job you hate for the result of money?
Now you live a life that frustrates you and leaves you feeling helpless for the result of being able to say you chose to follow your dreams.

But did you?

Or are your dreams still just as far ahead of you as they ever were?
Because dreams live in the world of creative living...and you are perhaps not.

Pining for auditions, posting on social media and hustling to “get into the industry” is NOT creative living.

So what is?

Liz in her book describes her friend Susan who realized late in life that the last time she felt true joy and abandon was when she was a kid figure skating. She decided to skate again and her life entirely changed. She didn’t begin to skate so she could compete or go to the olympics or win any accolades. She skated because it activated her and brought her in touch with a part of her joyful self. Once she was touching that of course the rest of her life was open to more of it.

Last year I took up ballet classes after being told as a child my legs were too fat for it and never trying. My first ballet class the teacher asked if it was anyone’s first time and my hand shot up proudly, along side the 6 year old beside me. Half humiliated, half exhilarated I stood at the bar and did my first plie.

Note: I am the worst ballerina in the world.
I’m not exaggerating or being cute, or fishing for compliments. It just is what it is.
And it brings me so much joy.
I am not even improving after months of classes.
And it brings me so much joy.
And the second I started doing what I always wanted to do but was told I couldn’t, a lot of things transformed. My bank account grew, my confidence shifted, I booked roles.

My “success” didn’t come from chasing it.
My success came as a byproduct of my creative living.

My joyful living.
My, follow my heart living.

The kind of living that is complete for its own sake.
That doesn’t need validation or a pay check.
The kind of living where you are so grateful to be you, the world can’t help but agree.

“And while the paths and outcomes of creative living will vary wildly from person to person, I can guarantee you this: A creative life is an amplified life. It’d a bigger life, a happier life, an expanded life, and a hell of a lot more interesting life. Living in this manner — continually and stubbornly — is a fine art, in and of itself.” — Liz Gilbert

This week....

How are you living creatively?
What does it look like for you. Feel like for you?
It may be “out of the box.”
It doesn’t have to have ANYTHING to do with acting.
Please share.
We get so much value from hearing your story and witnessing your bravery. And if you are NOT creatively living — what might you try this week?

How might you begin, where you are?



Jen Rudolph