Week 14 - Rhythm

There is a section of Be Here Now where Rob talks about his personal rhythm of creating. We all have one. Our bodies have a preferred mode. Some of us are early risers, others night owls. Some of us hit walls in the afternoon. Other thrive through the day and crash hard at night. We all have a rhythm.

For as long as I can remember I have been drawn to Paris. I love Europe. I love traveling there. I hope I get to experience every city in the course of my life. When we travel we often feel sad or not enthralled to return home, or back to the grind. For me however returning home from Europe gives my body the best gift ever: jet leg!

I get back from that 5 or 6 hour time difference and I am in heaven. Now my body wakes up here in New York bright eyes and bushy tailed at 4 am! You may think this is torture, but for a writer, this is the stuff creative dreams are made of.

I get to build a routine and rituals around this new rhythm that my body loves. I wake around 4 am. I lie in bed until 5 am and prime my day — I visualize and dream. I think of things today that are exciting that I get to do, food I get to taste, experiences I get to look forward to, and those amazing things on the horizon too — I think of a trip or an audition I might have or a new TV show I might get to star on, or a romantic kiss I will get to partake in. By 5 am my body can’t wait to rise and shine.

5 am is for drinking water, taking vitamins, thanking my body for being an awesome vessel for the day, washing and moisturizing my face (which is its own lengthy ritual), having a shower. Getting to touch and love on and look at my face and body. Getting to be with Natalie.

5:30 am till around 7 am is for morning practice. Yoga mat rolls out and I get to move. I get to stretch and feel. I get to move my body in whatever way it tells me. “Ah just fold over a little longer. Oh yeah, that’s it.” It feels to me like a puppy getting its ear scratched. Bliss.

After yoga, is reading. A few pages. Something to provoke my day, my focus on something spiritual or deeper. Something to engage my heart and mind.

I dive next into meditation taking my focus point with me. Stones, a yoni egg, Mudra, lot’s of things can play meditation with me depending on the day. Depending on what the muse inside me wants. I am in a deep intimate relationship with asking my INSIDE what it likes, what delights it, what it wants.

After meditation there can be breathing, reflecting, journaling, looking out the window.


Now it’s 7 am!!!! Time to write!!! Now I am primed. I am here. I know when I put my fingers on my keyboard they are so tapped in.

That is my rhythm.

Are you thinking — must be nice Natalie, I have two kids and a husband to get to school and work. I was up at the job till 2 am. NO PROB! You get to look into your own life and ask what your rhythm is.

TRUST ME — when I say my rhythm is this routine, it is not because this routine was what felt good or comfortable to me at first — it is the routine my body needs so my creative instrument is the best it can be. Left to my own devices and imbalances my rhythm would take me to a wine bar and out dancing in Paris all night to sleep in and eat chocolate croissant and have some sexy bedroom fun. There is a time and a place for that rhythm too. What I am talking to you about is the rhythm you need to support you being your most present and powerful creator.

“You just took a breath. You’re about to take another. Inhale, then exhale, then another inhale. In and out. There is a rhythm to your breathing. It is the same with nature. There’s the gradual dying of fall, the death of winter, the spring with new life bursting everywhere you look, and then summer in all it’s fullness. And then fall comes again, and the rhythm continues.

There is a rhythm to waking a sleeping. Breathing, nature, sleep — there is a rhythm to all of it.”

Only you can know your own rhythm.
Only you can ask your body what delights it.
What fills it.
What helps you be the best artist you were born to be.

If you need four red bull to stay awake for a 16 hour shoot and then wonder why you can’t remember your lines or have a tough time memorizing then you are off your ideal rhythm.

You will know your rhythm because things will begin to feel easier.
Not like less discipline or focus, but like less of a hill and more of a stroll.

If you are hustling you are not in rhythm. If you are tired you are not in rhythm.
If you are bored you are not in rhythm.

No one can lead you there.
There is no there, there.
It is here but it is buried underneath your actions...the ones that don’t support it.

This week the task at hand is to get still.

Not because stillness is your rhythm but because it is only by taking away all the stimulus that is not your rhythm that you will be able to discern what is.

Get quiet.
Take your time.
You will not miss anything I promise.
Once you find your rhythm you will be on the fast track of your dreams.


Jen Rudolph