Week 13 - Surrender

Week 13 - Surrender

We are coming to the end of this book club series.
It has been an incredible journey and I hope genuinely has moved you. Moved you to be right where you are.

We are going to reveal the final step of this process.
We have talked about so much.
From why we run, to suffering, to the dark stuff, to comparing and rejection, to where and how to start, to nerves, to what it is to find craft and Ikigai.
it all boils down to three steps:

Step 1 - Stop running away and be here in the present moment Step 2 - In the present moment you throw yourself all in
Step 3 - We let it all go

This week, its your favorite and mine, surrender.
There are a lot of reasons to surrender. One of them is not because surrendering feels  hard and annoying and you don’t like it.

We surrender because we must be concerned only with the fruits and integrity of our actions, NOT the results they might get us.

We surrender because we have NO CONTROL over what people think about what we have made and trying to control that causes us to suffer.

We surrender because now that we did it, it isn’t here anymore. And our job is to stay here. Here is where the next creation is coming to meet us, and we don’t want to miss it.

Have you ever seen a celebrity talk on a talk show about a movie they have coming out. It’s almost painful to see them try to get back into a moment that is so obviously over. They finished filming it months if not years ago. It has been in editing and post production so long they have done three projects since. They aren’t there anymore.

Rob gives an important distinction here in his chapter on surrender. He says,

“Surrendering the outcomes is not surrendering goals or plans or dreams or numbers or results or ambition.

Surrendering the outcome is making peace with our lack of control over how people respond to us and our work.

Surrendering the outcome is coming to terms with the freedom people have to react to us and our work however they want.

Surrendering the outcome is embracing the fact that there are no guarantees when it comes to results.”

We invest in our actions because they are OURS. Everything else is THEIRS.

We can’t control it.
And it isn’t for us.
Just like the movie star who is doing this interview about this film. It isn’t theirs anymore. They have given it to us.

“Have you ever heard someone on a stage or in the office or the classroom doing the work, but he is simultaneously searching for someone to tell him how good, accomplished, skillful, or excellent he is? It’s as if he’s searching for applause in order to keep going. You can sometimes see it in their eyes, this deeply unfulfilled sense that they are incomplete, that they need the strokes and affirmation of others to be content.

We surrender the outcomes so that the gift we give will be given freely.”

We are not here to give conditionally.

Imagine if our parents recorded every dime they spent on us and at 18 years old handed us a bill. Imagine if someone invited us over to their home for a meal and then asked us what was in it for them as we were licking our plate clean. Imagine if the Universe gave you a huge, profound gift of talent and you or your actions constantly said, I’ll do it if...

We surrender as an act of gratitude.
We have this gift. We were given this thing to give in the first place. HAVING it express through us is payment enough.
When we know this, when we live this, the quality of our gift is transformed.

This week we surrender any and all outcomes.
Make a list.
How often did you give.
Then how often did you in your mind or actions want something in return?
Can you shift your giving this week to be an unconditional act of service and love?


Jen Rudolph