Week 10 - Risk and That Thing Called Failure

Week 10 - Risk and That Thing Called Failure

Isn’t this interesting...

We all come into the world and we wanna mess it all up, make shit, create, play, invent, be expressed, and yet we also try to protect ourselves at every turn from RISK and FAILURE.

How strange...when are we going to get that risking MEANS we will fail, all the time, and yet without both there is no creation, expression or manifestation?

When we are more invested in protection we cannot take part in manifestation.

They play together. Inseparable. Siamese twins.

“Whenever you create anything, you take a risk. And that includes your life. It may work out, it may not.
It may be well received, it may not be.

Sometimes you do things and you get results and that effort leads to move effort which leads to more results and away you go, success building on success. And then other times you try something new and it ends up in a crate in your garage because no one is interested.

Whoever you are and whatever your Ikigai is and however you move in the world, it always involves risk.”

You know you are doing it right when risk is your partner in crime.
You know you are expanding yourself and expressing what you are and value most. You cannot have a life of highest and best if you are too scared to bring forth the highest and best in you. If you are too busy trying not to get hurt or rejected.

Your art is as small as you let yourself be.

Creating is the most risky thing.
You are bringing yourself and what you love into the world in a whole new exposed way. And — it maybe isn’t gonna go well. Maybe you will fall flat on your face. Maybe people will hate it and protest against it. Maybe they will write hate mail and throw eggs at your house.

If you stick with it, and stay convicted, in hindsight you will see the eggs they throw as the proof of the value of what you were offering. They used to throw eggs at my Nanny’s house. She had 6 kids and decided her passion to get a job and work outside of the home. She was slaughtered with judgement. Thank you Nanny. You were so brave.

Rob says while we are busy concerning and distracting ourselves with the risk of making things we completely miss that there is a WAY BIGGER RISK....

“the risk of not trying it.”

The risk of not doing it.
The risk of what if?
The risk of never knowing what we could have done or been. The risk if settling.
The risk of being a sell out.
The risk of not being you.

“There are always two risks. There is the risk of trying something new, and the risk of not trying it.”

So this is the rub: there is going to be risk no matter what. You have to choose.
What is the lesser risk?

And once you choose.
Stop complaining about your choice. Choose. Move on. Do it.

What do you choose?

Now you might be saying....but what about failure????

Rob says, and this might be something to tattoo on your forehead...

“Risk sometimes leads to failure, and failure is overrated.”

Remember when we learned that who you aren't isn’t interesting? Well, failure is also overrated.

Man, do we give it power.

The first film I ever made is a hard drive of bad footage sitting in my desk. It cost over 8 grand and a bunch of time and energy. I wrote it. It was deeply personal to me. And I have gone through three editors and we cannot make this thing any good. So it sits in my desk. NOT as a reminder of my failure. As a reminder of that first brave movie I ever made that taught me how to make even better movies. The movies I make now were born of her ashes. She is my greatest gift.

“You failed, and yet that failure made you a better person.
You failed, but it worked in your favor.
You failed, but it made you stronger, more resilient, more appreciative.

You failed, but it created all sorts of new life and growth and maturity for you. You failed, but you’re now realizing that failure isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

This is the beautiful, counterintuitive, strange, unexpected, reliable mystery built into the fabric of creation that is at work every time we fail.

It is not failure. It is how you create a life.”

It is not failure.
Not one thing you have ever done.
It is the step that moves you closer to you.
The Einstein in you creating the light bulb that didn’t fail 1000 times but had 1000 steps.

YOU are unfolding.

Take a risk to be more interested in discovering who you are then protecting who you aren’t.

This week...
Write down every single “failure” in column A
In column B write how it is the clarity and opportunity you have been longing for.

Isn’t it going to be fun taking the risk to know yourself?

- Natalie 

Jen Rudolph