Week 8 - Start At 1

Remember the Brian McKnight song, “whenever I believe my work is done...I start back at one.”

Now he was singing about a sweet lady and how he was gonna romance her and show her she was a Queen (also not a bad idea for the gents reading :) but the point is, no matter where you are or what you are doing, or what you have or haven’t done to this point, there is ALWAYS a place to start.

Rob says that too often we don’t begin because we don’t know the entire thing. We don't “take the first step because we can’t figure out the seventeenth step”.

We say in C.R.E.A.T.E: How is not my job.
We say this because HOW is what holds us back.

I can’t ____________________________ (fill in the blank)
ex. write that movie, lose thirty pounds, get an agent, commit to being an artist

Because .....

I don’t know how I would get it out there
I don’t know how I could find the time
I don’t know how to get more credits
I don’t know how to financially make it work

It’s all distraction and excuse.
It is make believe. You let something that might go “wrong” in the far away not yet manifest future keep you from even wanting it.

“The first number is always 1.”

I think back to when I was moving to America, or getting my green card or my body was deep in illness. Any time I have ever had anything REALLY big to accomplish, with A LOT of steps, had I known all it was going to take I would have NEVER seen it through. I would have gotten way too overwhelmed and quit. Because I would have not thought I could handle it.

Well the truth is, the person at step 1 CAN’T handle step 13. That is why step 13 isn’t revealed. You have to start being WHERE YOU ARE and moving from there. You have be begin TRUSTING that the step you have is the perfect step. Everything else will come into your world when your world is transformed to hold it. The resources too.

“To do anything new — to do the 1 — requires the tremendous mental fortitude to not think about 2 or 3 yet. That time will come. And it is not now. Now is the time for 1.

You start with 1. And you work just on that. Just 1. And when 1 is done, you move to 2. You break it down into the next step and only the next step —

The next sentence The next phone call The next meeting The next word”

Rob describes in the book that he has a surfer friend who breaks it all down quite simply and profoundly... “Stop thinkin’ about shit that ain’t happening.”

If we did only THAT STEP our lives would change.
If the ONLY STEP we took was to stop thinking about thinks that WERE NOT HAPPENING we would have life-force, time energy and creative ideas we have never known.

Think about that.

What if Step 1 is actually to just stop obsessing about everything that is not step 1?????

If you KNOW step 1 (and you do, trust me you do...and if you think you don’t read the before bolded sentence and stop playing dumb ;) then your job is SINGULAR.

Take that step.

What actions are you taking to support your step one?
Is it a new awareness? A dedication to mental fitness? A call? An email? What are you gonna do with the GIFT of the step you have been given. Because NO ONE ELSE HAS BEEN GIVEN YOUR STEP.
It won’t get done if you don’t do it.


Jen Rudolph