Week 6 - Someone....

Rob describes in How to be Here the Japanese concept of Ikigai.

This is what we describe as Dharma.

Every wisdom tradition has a name for it. Your purpose. Why you are here. That thing that excites your spirit and gets you out of bed. Your contribution. The masterpiece you are here to paint.

In his book he discusses how we may not know our purpose right away. We may get hints of it but not know exactly how it manifests for us. We go on a search for it. And there are clues along the way. One major clue being the things that rile you up. When you get provoked or anger and say “Someone should do something about that!!!!!!”

You are tapping it now.
“That someone may be you.” Bell

We love to think that it is always someone else. Someone with more money or resources. Someone with more fame or opportunities. Someone thinner or stronger or younger.

If YOU were given the inspiration, if YOU were given the dream, the idea, the spark... that is how you know...

The other way you may know or find your purpose is by following the call of what you love.
Following your desire. Your pleasure.
All of life is a mirror back to your internal landscape.


Chinese Medicine describes that the moment we realize we have been lied to for the first time as children — the moment we realize we have been told the world works a certain way and then we realize it was not the truth, we begin to question all of our reality. We split. Children take one of two paths.

We become: children of truth or children of love

Children of truth are the ones who say the only thing that matters is the truth and I am standing for it. These people grow up to believe it is more important to be honest than anything. Even if the truth hurts we must express it. We must protest and make change and stand for justice. In relationships we must value loyalty, honesty and integrity above all else.

These are the types who may find their purpose through their holy rage. Through what makes them angry. Through what needs to be made right.

Children of love value love above all else. They may think - yes my parents lied to me but they did it because they loved me and that is worthy. Love is the ultimate. These are people who may value kindness over honesty. If the truth hurts then it is loving to not say. We must value compassion, empathy and love above all. In relationships we must always seek love first.

These are the types who may find their purpose through love. Through what brings joy and light.

Both paths are worthy.
The road you take does not matter.
But for the love of all things choose a road and go down it!!!!!

Do not fall into the trap of SOMEONE.
No matter what you choose. It doesn’t matter how, but it matters that it is YOU.

Only you have your specific circumstances and life experience. Only you were raised in your home and ate what you ate and read what you read.

The rest doesn’t matter. It’s just matter. You are the animating force behind it all.

No one else is coming. YOU are the answer. Stop asking questions. Natalie 

Jen Rudolph