Week 4 - It is Just Not that Interesting

One of the most simple and profound things Rob says in his book is: “Who you aren’t isn’t interesting.”

Just stop and breath that one in.

We are OBSESSED with what we are not. We are not this or that enough.
It’s all we talk about.
And it’s boring.


“If you focus on who you aren’t, and what you don’t have, or where you haven’t been, or skills and talents or tools or resources you’re convinced aren’t yours, precious energy will slip through your fingers that you could use to do something with that blinking line.”

Positive psychology says we fall into this trap all the time. We identify what we believe our strengths are and what our weaknesses are and then we spend our time thinking we best work on or improve our weaknesses if we want to get ahead.

It is so crazy.

That would be like a gifted singer realizing he is a terrible gardener and instead of warming up his voice or doing scales everyday planting flowers. Why?????

The obsession with who we are not is nothing more than us proving our own unworthiness to explain why we are not where we want to be.

We are not where we want to be because we keep proving our unworthiness to be there.

Get it?

Guess what else this leads us to do?
We also love to obsess not only about our own shortcomings or weaknesses but we love to obsess about OTHER PEOPLE.

Rob says, “who ‘they’ are, isn’t interesting!!!!!”

We waste precious time and energy from our own lives fixated on others. What are they doing? How well or not well are they doing it? We LOVE to look around for how it is easier for everyone else. How they have worked less hard and gotten further ahead. How you have taken more classes and had less bookings. How they have a horse shoe up their ass.

It isn’t interesting.
it is draining your life-force.

Think about it.
All day long you sit in your head and tell yourself all the things you are NOT. While also telling the story of all the things someone else IS.
And you wonder why they are getting a leg up?
Look what a powerful creator you are!

What would happen if you stayed on your side of the street and actually made it a beautiful street to play on?
What would happen if you began noticing how you are nailing it? What you are doing well? How you are such a master at this or that? What if you focused on what you ARE?

Maybe you would be more.
Isn’t that what you are so busy trying to accomplish?

What you will actually find is that this is all fun.
So this week, everyday, acknowledge where you are great! Post about it! Not how many auditions you got.
How you are looking at and honoring your personal strengths. It is so so interesting.


Jen Rudolph