Week 1: Why Are We Running

WEEK 1: Why Are We Running?

As I said this summer we are diving into Rob Bell’s work from his book How to Be Here. If we are going to show up to HERE we have to ask ourselves what the damn point of it all is? Why are we rushing ahead trying to be more and better all the time?

Is it because we do not feel enough?
Do we feel we have to earn what we desire?
Do we think the grass is greener?
Do we think the present is not happy, fulfilled? If it isn’t, why not?

Are we not creators? Are we not capable of choosing what we want to eat, how much we want to sleep, what tv show we want to watch? Are those things all in the present? So if we are choosing our present reality and yet always trying to get somewhere else, isn’t it our job to be more interested in why we are not making better choices rather than saying the choices of right now are not optimal so we should try to get somewhere else? What a mind fuck we do to ourselves!

We get to say.
So it is time to choose.
The goal of life is not to be constantly happy.
It is to be more happy than the moment before.
To have more ease not for life to always be easy.
Life is life.
Life is up and down and all around.
We can’t control it.
Suffering is when we try to.
When we have a problem with life as life is we suffer.
Why are we wasting our time having a problem with life as life is instead of focusing on what we ACTUALLY CAN CONTROL which is having a problem with the choices we are making that we actually don’t like or want!!!!

You might say —
but I am making the actions I make so my life can change or one day get better. My friend you have just dug your own grave.

You have just ensured putting your energy into your life as a place that “needs improvement” vs. a place that is awesome to be. All you can manifest and create from that place is more areas of “needs improvement.”

Rob’s book starts talking about “the blinking line.”
The blinking line is the cursor on the computer screen when you sit down to write. It is a challenge.
Out of NOTHING, what are you gonna do with that little blinking line.
You can create ANYTHING.
You can create a sob story. You can create a “life isn’t fair” mantra.

Or you can use your powers for your own good, and say, right here, right now, what do I wanna do. Who do I wanna be. Rob says, “the blinking line is whatever sits in front of you that wants to be brought into existence.” (I know!!! He is so bad-ass, wait for it, it only gets juicer.)

Your resistance is whatever you are busy creating instead.

What if the thing that is sitting in front of you right here, right now is confidence. Or joy. Or playfulness. Or worthiness.

What if what you are busy creating instead is hustle, more actions and to do lists? You will never get there.
Here is the only way to there.

So....what is your blinking line?
Share! Say it out loud. Write it.
What are you seeing as your resistance?
You don’t have to know what you are gonna do about it. Actually I want you to do NOTHING about it.

Just notice.
And when you feel lead, see what one next step that blinking line coaxes you to make. But you have to sit in front of it, available and open to know.
Stop running.
Your answer is right in front of you.


Jen Rudolph