How to Be Here for Artists: Intro - How to Be Here

How to Be Here...Here we go!

Lately the Universe has brought me to a screeching halt.
The message is clear.
Do not pass go, do not collect $200, do not take one more step.

I am noticing a big trend in my life and actions and in yours too.
We are all racing to get SOMEWHERE. And we are all totally ignoring HERE.

Maybe we don’t like here.
Maybe here feels like just the path to get THERE.

Gloria Steinem says, “there is no there, there.”

We have to stop trying to get somewhere else. It is causing us to suffer.
Can we be motivated to want more or different? Of course.

But does that mean ignoring, bypassing or pissing on what IS right here and now? That is where we get off track.

Rob Bell has a totally rad, transformative book which is going to serve as our summer OM WORK book club to get us HERE!

It is called...drum roll please: How to be Here

Now before you run off and take a single action, stop, hold on, relax... You don’t have to do anything or get anywhere.
I am going to take you.
You do SO MUCH.

You never stop doing.
You are always hustling.
But here is the thing.
You are always working and never arriving. Because there is no there, there!

The only place you can ever “arrive” is in the presence of NOW.
Now is the point of power.
Now is when change actually happens.
Now is the only time in the entire history of the planet that anything has ever happened. Thank about it.

This summer we are going to focus on ONE THING ONLY. BEING HERE NOW.

If you feel yourself wanting to race ahead, stop.

If you want to accomplish this, stop. If you want to get it right, stop.

You are already here.
Just arrive.
Allow yourself the gift of this very moment.
You don’t have to be happy or even satisfied with the moment. You just have to be willing to fully arrive in it. You have to stop hovering above your life trying to manipulate it or speed it into the future. The future is not real. It doesn’t exist and it is not happier than here, because it is not there.

Abraham Hicks says you can’t have a happy ending to an unhappy journey.
You can’t have ease and fun and joy and laughter and space in your schedule and confidence and lot’s of what you like and want if the journey to those things is you striving, over working, pushing, breathing yourself, punishing, punitive, hustling and miserable.
It is impossible.

If you are struggling to get it all done. Struggling to do every tool. Struggling to set and maintain goals and write in your journal and read all the books and make your audition log and do, be and have everything you think you need, STOP. STOP NOW. It is never going to work, and you are going to get sick, broke and resigned. STOP.

It is time to exhale.
Just let it all go.
For one breath. For one minute. For one day. Please trust me.

We are going to enter this world together.
It is FAR outside of our comfort zone.
We will feel guilty and that we are not doing enough.
This is how we will know we are FINALLY doing it right!!!!!

Trust me. I got you.

Do not be afraid. Your whole life is waiting for you. To see it. Right here and now.

This week, just drop something.
Let something go.
Any hustle. Whether in your mind or otherwise. Make a little space.

Do nothing for a whole minute or afternoon.
Do not try to improve yourself or grow in anyway. Just see if you can sit with yourself.

The real issue is, you don’t like yourself, and the minute you sit with you, you will have to face that. It’s ok. It will pass. You are actually a great place to be. You will see.

It is Summer.
It is time we stop. And show up. Let’s all be here.


Jen Rudolph