Humpty dumpty sat on a wall,

Humpty dumpty had a great fall

All the kings horses and all the kings men

Couldn’t put Humpty together again.

Fairy tales are like myths — conscious lies told, to reveal a greater or deeper truth.

This summer we will spend with examining and looking deeper into our early fairy tales and child stories and see what we can reclaim in their meaning and power over our lives.

We understand the Humpty Dumpty story as one of CAUTION.

Be afraid.


Not only could you get hurt, but you will get hurt and no one not even the King’s men (presumably the best of the best) will be able to put you back together again.

Talk about the ultimate scare tactic.

If you do this….this crazy, brave, scary, unconventional thing you want to do…you will break.

You will break beyond repair.

The story for me is missing a key teaching.  In all the caution of “be careful” and “don’t do it” we forget to think of the moment Humpty sat high on that wall and perhaps for the first time in his/her life felt freedom from the limited thinking and fear of those below.  Perhaps he finally felt happy.  

It is only from the view point high above the shadow of the wall that we see how far and dark its shadow casts.  From atop the wall we can see how small the people and the thinking of those people really are.  For the first time we gain true perspective that perhaps we live in a world that craves climbing and yet settle for the safety of condemning all who do.

I would like to imagine that myself as Humpty sat on that wall in awe.  I could see the entire expanse available to me beyond the wall of limitation and conditioning and fear.  I could breath different air and know that more was possible then I ever dreamed.  I imagine then then my “great fall” was actually my great act of rebellion.  My claiming of more, deeper, better!  I will never again sit in the shadow of this wall and let you all tell me to be afraid.  I would rather fall then ever live beneath this wall ever again.  So perhaps not a great fall but a great leap I took.  A leap to say YES to being an artist no matter the obstacles, a leap to claim what I want for myself rather than always living someone else;s truth for my life, a leap to say even if I break, I will have gotten to know the air with an intimacy and passion no one below can even imagine.  So let me fall.  Let me break.  Because for even a moment I will fly.

I then like to imagine, me, little broken Humpty on the ground, cracked and broken, oozing and gushing and all the sad “see I told you so” faces of the Kings men looking upon me.  I like to imagine myself gazing back with a mad smile on my face.  “They will never know my secret.”

The only thing that broke was my perception.

The only thing they couldn’t put back together was their owning and controlling me with their fear.

I was no longer afraid.

So it would never work again.

They can’t put me back “together”.

They can’t fit me back into their mold.

All the broke was their control and expectation of me.

What remains is the rest of my glorious life…and I now know what lies beyond…

Now, nothing can stop me.

I invite you this week to do a journal practice.

What is the fear story you have been fed?  When Humpty was told not to sit on the wall, what is the equivalent for you?  You can’t make money as an artist? You are too old?  You are not good enough?  There is too much competition?  What was the fear story?

What does the wall represent?  This is the wall of what held them back that they are basing their fear on.  Can you see that it is not your wall and it was never meant for you?

What would life look like if you sat on top of it all and saw them from a bird’s eye view?  What new perspective can you see?

What is your act of falling?  What action or perspective can you take that reclaims your life outside of their fear?  Is it deciding to do a new mantra each day?  Is it creating or writing a film?  What is your act of rebellion to stand for your own free fall?


The miracle of our freedom will only happen by emboldening each other with our bravery.

Post in the FB page and tell us about your great fall.

It will set us all free.

“Never forget. You have been tamed. They tamed you. And now you must find a way to reintroduce yourself to the wild.”  John P Shanley


Jen Rudolph