In a remote training camp, a squad of rookies had just returned to their billet after a day's march under the broiling sun. 

"What a life!" said one new solider, "miles from anywhere, no women, no booze, no leave -- and on top of all that, my boots are two sizes too small."

"You don't want to put up with that chum," said another solider.  "why don't you ask for another pair of boots at least?"

"No way!" came the soldiers reply, "taking them off is the only pleasure I've got!"

We have grown so accustomed to accepting "good enough", or even difficult circumstances that our JOY and PLEASURE bars have dropped by comparison.  We have allowed such a level or suffering, negative self talk and scarcity that we stop being able to recognized what true pleasure is.  And only we can reclaim it.

We get so busy comparing our careers to others we feel we can only celebrate or enjoy a success if it seems "worthy."  I have recently gotten coaching requests from people who have said things like, "well it is just a small co-star."  Or "just a student film," or "just a re-enactment show," or "just some weird short film."

You are JUST stealing your own joy from yourself.

We have all heard that line, "there are no small parts only small actors."  Well I argue there is NO SMALL actor.  ALL of us have HUGE MAGNITUDE.  There is however small and limited thinking and permission we give ourselves to experience ourselves in our fullness.

The job this week is to experience your TRUE JOY.  Your true excitement.  Your true pleasure.  You get to decide that every moment is worth celebrating.  You get to choice that everything that feels good to you doesn't only have to feel good in comparison to something "less good" or some suffering you have overcome but that life gets to feel good because we CAME FOR JOYOUS CREATION!

We didn't come here to manufacture a bunch of results and then die.  We are not machines.  We will not get to the end of our incarnation and get a progress report from some High Boss in the sky.  We can't take any thing we create with us, except for how it makes us feel.  Our FEELINGS are our priority.  And our feelings are what manifests what we want or not anyhow.

You don't need the contrast of bad, or lack or suffering to feel good or abundant or free.  You just decide.  You commit that this week you will feel good.  You commit that you will seek good every day.  It is there.  Maybe it is hidden under the weight of your responsibility and stress, but that is your choice too.

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Take off the boots.  There is much larger joy to be had.


Jen Rudolph