"This is what the meaning of surrender is: you will have to yield.  The reality cannot yield.  The reality is as it is.  Unless you yield you will suffer.  The misery is created by you because you go on fighting.  It is just as if the current of a river is flowing towards the sea and you are trying to swim up the current.  You feel the river against you.  The river is not against you.  It has not even heard of you.  It doesn't know you at all.  The river is simply flowing to the sea.  It is river's nature to flow to the sea, to move to the sea and fall into it.  You are trying to move upstream."  OSHO

How many of us are fighting hard to "make" our dreams happen.  Hustling.  Always on the move.  Always ruminating on what we can do next.  Always competing and gazing at others too see where we fall on the scale of "doing the right things."  When we are doing so, we are fighting upstream.

And when we fight upstream there will be countless people on the bank who say, "good for you!"  "Look how hard you are working!  That river is bound to yield to you sooner or later!  Don't give up!  You can do it!"  These are people too scared to even enter the river, let alone do they have any clue how it all works.

Most of us surrender only when we get too tired to swim anymore.  It isn't even that we choose surrender, it is that our arms and legs are too exhausted from swimming and we simply give up.

Surrender is not giving up, it is yielding to the flow of life.  and the paradox is, it is only once we do surrender that we see that the flow of life was actually FOR us all along.  It was rigged in our favor.  Our dreams were always out at sea and the rive was always trying to lead us there.  We were only fighting to be the all important, controlling master who did it all for ourselves, so we fight with our own destiny.

Abraham Hicks says it is not that we must "get into our vortex" (or in other words get into our manifestations, get into alignment with who we really are and what we want), it is that we have to stop moving out of it!!!!  

Our NATURAL state is to manifest.  Our natural state is to create what we want and then allow the becoming of it.  Our nature state is to get into the river we want to be in, and then let it carry us to our fulfilled desire.  Everything else is work.

Abraham describes it as if a cork (which was designed to float atop the water) is begin pushed under the water by us.  We have to use continuous forceful energy just to keep it under.  We may pride ourselves -- look how hard I am working!  Look how successful I am at keeping the cork under water!  Sooner or later you will get tired or move or stop and the cork simply pops back to the surface.  It always will.  You can't out smart it.  You can't force it.  And trust me, you don't want to.  That cork was designed to float.  Let its intelligence show you WHY.  Perhaps if you let it lead you, and you yield to the wisdom of nature itself, it will lead you to the ocean of everything you actually want.

Let's be willing this week to YIELD.

To look at where we are gripping and forcing and open our hand.

Let's be willing to surrender even believing we know the best way.

Let's ask Nature to show us hers.

Share with us:

What are you yielding to?  Yourself?  Your negative thought?  Your hustle? And what is nature teaching you about those things?  Look around.  There is a lot to learn and witness.

Enjoy floating.


Jen Rudolph