ahead or a head?

If we see ahead, you must also see behind.

I, like all actors (all humans) spend time on Social Media.  It like everything can feel like a place of sharing and connection and it can also be a place where the Sweet Baby Ego can run rampant.

 Recently I saw a post.  Seemingly lovely and innocent of an actor praising the work they got to do with another saying "it's been a long time since I got to work with another great actor" or something of the like.  However, it struck me somehow.  What perhaps was intended as a compliment to their own work and their comrades work felt like it verged into the territory of the Ego - who's currency is comparing.

We all compare.  Most artists practice the incredibly damaging and useless tool of "compare and despair".  Yet comparison is the tool of the Ego, not the artist.  To always be noticing how far ahead you are, or how much more advanced you may be MEANS that you ALSO carry with THAT awareness, the awareness of where you are worse or behind.  You see friends, you cannot carry one side of the coin and not HAVE to carry the other.

If we see ahead you must also see behind.

It is VERY easy to get our validation off of what others are doing or not.

And it is a trap.

When we are in comparing we are in our Ego.

When we are focused on getting or being ahead, we are IN OUR HEADS.

So there is the place where the Ego will compare your bookings or auditions or talent to someone else's.  In a CD workshop you want to know where you "rank" among the class and you want it to be top.  On social media you may want to post your victories or wins, and you MAY be doing that in celebration, OR you MAY be doing that for persona or to make yourself "look" like a winner.  You may want to offer advice to those "less" on their path than you - without any awareness that those very people have genius in them too.

The Ego also loves to look at others and judge their process.

Why doesn't that person get it?

Why is it taking them so long to get it?

Why are people so dense, ignorant, lost, small or unchanging?

Again....if you think YOU are ahead....this is coming from the Ego in your head.

Perhaps a new lens is this...

When I want to judge that someone's "getting it" is taking a while, can I be humble enough to notice that MANY MANY things are taking me a while to get?

How about loving and talking to myself with compassion.

Have you gotten that yet?

How long have you been trying?


With ALL OF US....


Can we lead then with more compassion.

For ourselves and others.

Can we take a TRUE STAND to see EVERY PATH as the perfect path for each person on it - and NO ONE is on a better, faster, more knowing path.

We are all the same.





NO ONE is ahead.

Why would you even want to be?

When you could be a heart?

When you could be a star?

Because you are.  And so is everyone else.

Om WorkJen Rudolph