triple a artists

Accept before you reject.

I have always been a straight A girl.

In college when I got less than an A- on a paper I argued and rewrote the paper until my teacher would concede.  I thought if I hustled and fought hard enough I would get what I wanted and thought I needed.

I spent a lot of time in my early career trying to take the same path.

If only I do that ONE more thing.

If only I hustle a little more.

The issue was I was so busy trying to get it all right, trying to get an A plus from my acting teacher or agent that I forgot to actually be an artist.

Being an Artist is NOT about getting it right.

It is about being in the mess of it all and telling the story from wherever we are.

Few (many no) writers write the story of the best day of someone's life, or about the character that has it all figured out.  The Hero or Heroines Journey is about PROCESS NOT PERFECTION.  

We all want to A+

We all want to win and be at the finish line.

The problem is...there is no art there.

If you want to be a product then please, go forth and make yourself a finished one.

If you want to be an artist stop trying to get somewhere and give yourself permission to be where the magic is....wherever you are.

We abandon ourselves in trying to be bette than we are all the time, and shaming ourselves for not being enough or where we want to be.

We then see a world full of reflections of that energy.

We are always feeling abandoned by our partners, our agents, our industry.

We started it.  We can change it.

Instead of a constant attempt at an A, I am going to suggest we play with not one, but 3 A's this week:




And friends, you must do the A's IN ORDER.

Step one is AWARENESS

We want to get clear on where we are, whats really going on, and what we want.

For this step we need to stop moving!!!

Just for a minute.  Just get quiet.  Really ask yourself.

Take your own inventory.  You may like or dislike what you see.

Judging it is not your job, becoming aware of it is.

Step two is ACCEPTANCE

Most of us skip this one.

We prefer to become aware of what we want to fix or change about ourselves or our situation and then go right into action.  It never works.  The action you take is always the wrong one.  For example: 

I am aware my career is not where I want it to be

Action: worry, hustle or self loathing

I am aware I messed up and hurt someone

Action: shame and/or guilt and avoidance

I am aware I don't want to be aware anymore

Action: self hared and deflection


Not what we are going for.

Step two is ACCEPT what you see and come to understand.

Accept that you did the best you could have to this point with the awareness you had, and now you have more awareness so from a compassionate place you can ask what is the best next action.  No worrying to making up for lost time to punishing yourself -- acceptance of where you are as perfect for you up to this moment and now that you know better, you will do better.

Want to know the good news?

The action will now reveal itself to you.

You don't have to work at it or figure it out.

It will be obvious.

But ONLY if you don't skip step two.

You will know what to do, and you will be able to do it with love.

You will be purposeful and positively motivated.

Now, you are the real A student.

This week we ACCEPT.

Whatever you see.

Accept it.

I accept my own laziness

I accept my contest for this business

I accept my jealously

I accept my victimization

I accept my complaining

Really do.  You are HUMAN. Stop resisting it.  It will still be there only if resisted it will come out in more ugly passive aggressive ways.  You might as well accept.

Next, from a place of compassion for yourself, and owning of where your work is on the INSIDE, watch the pieces move on the outside and become so clear you can't miss the right action step.

As you accept your laziness, the action step of going easy on others in your life who are also lazy and disappointing you may be obvious.  From that more loving place maybe you are motivated to actually get off your ass.  You will be.

Try it.

Accept before you reject.

Write about it.  Tell us.

Tell us what you are accepting and becoming aware of.

Then see what action comes in.  And take it.

You will powerfully change your life.



Om WorkJen Rudolph