who tells the story

Only I am the author of my story.

I recently listened to the brilliant Lin-Maneul Miranda talk with Oprah about creativity and his journey with Hamilton.  Genius.

Lin talked about a few key points.  #1 the most important quality (or only quality) you need to be a great artist is EMPATHY.  We need to be able to understand, have compassion and listening of humanity.  We need this to live, and we need this to make art.  It is the breath of our art form and our very being.

The second point I loved was him describing the opportunity of playing Alexander Hamilton.  He said that every night he got to fall in love, be empowered, impassioned, filled with life and love and change.  He got to sweat and play and go toe to toe with the greats.  He got to express himself fully and completely.  He got to be wild and smart and revolutionary.  Every single night.  And NO ONE was going to write that part of Lin-Manuel Miranda to play.  No one.

It makes me think of my own journey.  There has never been a magical TV writer come along and say, "Natalie, what is every talent and nuance you have in your body?  Let me create that for you, so you can play that on tv."  

No one else is coming friends.

Only I am the author of my story.  The way I live my life, take every breath, have every conversation, ride every train, each every crumb is a walking living breathing meditation on the story of ME.  You are the same.  Every single moment of every single day you are telling your own story.  And you are the only one capable of doing so.

We must cease our OBSESSION with this industry seeing us and rewarding us.  We must EMPOWER ourselves to create with our talent, our passion and even our frustration ART that is WORTH our story!

If Lin didn't have the drive to tell a story about communities and lives changing from the perspective of an immigrant with all the drive and no one's belief in him, then we would not have Hamilton.  we would also not have Lin - because Hamilton''s story IS HIS STORY.

So what is your story?

I guarantee you it is not a 5 line co-star.  Or even a top of show guest star.

Your story is massive.  It is an epic.  And only you can write it, tell it, play it and live it.  It's up to you.  And it's all in you.

What's your story?

Every thought you think, belief you hold, action you take and feeling you feel is telling a story whether you accept it or not.  Why not consciously choose to tell the story you want.  And why not create art around it so you can also get paid for it and inspire and change the world?  Sounds fun.

What's your story?

Write it.

Share it.

What are you passionate about?

What lights you up?

What are you were for?

As you write it here and share it with us, the seeds of its manifestation as a piece of art, a screenplay, a one man show, a poem, a song will form.  Then you too can claim, "I'm not throwing away my shot."

Tell us your story,

We, and the whole world is waiting...


Om WorkJen Rudolph