When it comes to creative living, part of its magic is that we don’t have to earn it. We don’t have to be good enough boys and girls to qualify for it.

There is no exam to pass or badge to get.
There is more than enough to go around, and it is for ALL of us.

The next place Liz Gilbert takes us is our BIG MAGIC journey is through the world of ENTITLEMENT — but not the kind we are used to.

We are not talking about the type that creates the feeling that you are better or superior than anyone else. We are talking about the type that allows you the understanding that you are a welcomed and valued part of the team — Team Creativity.

You have a right to create.
You have a right to do what you love. You have a right to be here.

If it were otherwise, then you wouldn’t be here. You wouldn’t love it.
You wouldn’t have the desire to create.

Time to start trusting our own design.

“You will never be able to create anything interesting out of your life if you don’t believe that you are entitled to at least try. Creative entitlement doesn’t mean behaving like a princess, or acting as though the world owes you anything whatsoever. No, creative entitlement simply means believing that you are allowed to be here, and that — merely by being here — you are allowed to have a voice and a vision of your own.”

Creative Entitlement is not about being BETTER or ABOVE anyone else... It is about BELONGING to the coolest club in the world.
One where we are ALL members.

Our USA political system states that we live in a POPULAR SOVEREIGNTY. There is no one King or Queen. We, collectively, are sovereign. And creativity must reign.

There is no room on the battle field of creativity for anyone not willing to be part of the team. It is our ‘better than’ compensation for the truth of our feelings of worse than that actually keep us OUT of our creative process.

“What keeps you from your creative living is your self-absorption (your self doubt, your self disgust, your self judgement, your crushing sense of self protection.) We are not here to say ‘I am the greatest’, but to say ‘I am here’!”

It starts with the claiming of your birthright.

It starts with the great I AM.
Once you declare yourself as part of the team. As a powerful creator. As an actor, artist, singer, writer, candle stick maker, then creativity knows you have finally shown up to play. Now the game begins.

“Hearing this announcement your soul will mobilize accordingly. It will mobilize ecstatically in fact, because this is what your soul was born for!”

And Liz reminds us this is not something we do once. It is a practice.

We have to keep on claiming, day after day.
Our words have the power to make our world.
We are powerful enough to claim the world we want.

So what are you?
What are you claiming? Fill in the blank:

I am _________________________
One of my teachers always told me: What follows “I am” follows you.

Now keep on declaring and standing for it.
No matter what the world, your bank account or your inner critic may say about it. They are all responding to the old you.
The creations of the NEW you have yet to be seen.

Get excited about what your claim is creating! Begin looking for evidence. It is there.
You belong here.
You are welcome here.

We need you.
Love, the energy of creation.


Jen Rudolph