We all have it.

Just this morning I received a message from someone and I misunderstood that the person was making a joke and after reading the message my body was filled with emotion and fear. I felt cold and scared. I felt a surge of energy fill me. I felt shaky and stunned. I began writing in my journal, not knowing how to process all this emotion coming up and during that time I received a second message telling me it was a miscommunication. There was no problem. And still, my body was trembling with residue fear.

Liz says, “when courage dies, creativity dies with it.”
When we let fear lead, we can only limit our creative life more and more.

Take a moment now and breathe. Think about what YOU fear.
Everyone is afraid and some of our fears as artists are universal — others are quite personal.

What do you fear?
What does that voice tell you over and over....

Here are some of Liz’s excellent examples....

You’re afraid you have no talent
You will be rejected or criticized or ignored
There is no market for your creativity so what is the point?
Someone else already did it better
Someone will steal your ideas
You’re afraid you won’t be accepted, liked or taken seriously
You’re afraid your dreams are embarrassing
You’re afraid you don’t have the financial freedom required
You’ll someday look back and see it all as a waste of time, effort and money

You’re afraid of upsetting people
You’re best is behind you
You’re too old/young/fat etc.
You’re afraid no matter how hard you try, it will never be enough...

Take a moment.

Write your fear list.

Can you see that they are all sabotaging you living your creative life?

Overcoming fear requires something on the opposite end of the spectrum. The antidote to fear is FAITH.

When you have faith in yourself, your abilities, the Universe to support you then all of these fears look like nothing but small ego thoughts. Like little obstacles on your path you have to jump over a la, a children’s video game.

When you have faith in your talent then all the fears around you seem like little annoyances, not full blown truths you have to hide or protect yourself from.

So take your fear list and flip each one.

Flip each fear to a faith sentence. You’re afraid you have no talent flips to:

My ego is afraid of just how huge my talent is.

You’re afraid of upsetting people flips to:
I love myself enough to not upset MYSELF by not living my creative life. Anyone who is upset by that is just not living their own creative life.

And onward and onward.
Can you flip your fears to faith and see that you have true power there? Its a creative act in and of itself.

This week when you notice the fear thoughts can you soothe yourself with a flip into faith. I believe you will find a point of power and peace that will allow new creative heights you have never known.

Please share your experience. Please be brave.


Jen Rudolph