The Short Film Immersion Program

If you are looking to create your own short film content but aren’t sure where to start, this is the program for you! In this immersive new program, you will learn hands on how to produce and create a short film alongside Short Film Experience Co-Coordinator, Erin Roth.

By using the resources that each group of participants have, you will move through the process of creating a short film based on the unique skill sets of those involved. This is an incredible opportunity for those in our community who don’t feel like they are quite ready to take on film production on their own or just want to work with a new group of artists that they perhaps have never met.

Space is limited every month, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to take the reins on your career!

The Short Film Immersion Program will begin February 2019, however sign up now to secure your spot!

Dates for February are:

Pre-Production: January 29th-February 8th
Production: February 9th- February 15th
Post Production: February 16th- February 22nd

All films due by 12pm noon Friday, February 22nd

Screening will be February 25th at John Sullivans (210 W 35th street)