the february ny agent night 

meet to top agents all in one night

If you are freelancing or still looking for an agent, now is the time to make your move!

The LOWEST priced agent networking event in the industry!

Date: Wednesday, February 6th 2019
Time: 7PM-830PM


$160 (Non-members),
$136 (ELEVATE members)

Location: Simple Studios, 134 West 29th Street, 2nd Floor, NYC

The Agents:
1.Mikey Nagy The Krasny Office
2.Nicole Wichinsky DGRW 
3.Cassandra Tay Don Buchwald and Associates
4.John E. Shea Frontier Booking International 
5.Jackie Gubow Professional Artists
6.Courtney McCotter Avalon Artists
7.Danny Prather Revolution Talent
8.Shirley Faison Carson Adler Agency
9.Katie Murphy Meg Pantera Agency
10.Christopher Freer Carlton, Goddard and Freer Talent

The Event
It only takes a few minutes to make a first impression and determine if you're going to "hit it off" with someone. It's the same in the acting world, especially when it comes to finding an agent. Both actors and agents want to make connections and establish career-building relationships that will strengthen over time. But in order to make that happen, you first have to meet, and our Agent Night is the place to do it. It's your chance to perform, just like you would in an audition, and show 10 agents what you bring to the table: your type, your talent, your potential. Nothing more, nothing less, because that's all agents, like casting directors, need. They need to see you in the space, doing the work, becoming the character, and delivering the scene. Then, if they see something they like and a type who they're not currently representing, they're going to call you in for that coveted follow-up, in-depth meeting.

Does it happen? You better believe it. All of our events have success stories, from actors who get called in for the first time to those who start freelancing to those who book a job and get signed. It happens. Are you next?

Some of the unique benefits of this event include:
- Written feedback from each agent
- Highly skilled, professional readers/actors who are there to support you in your work
- The opportunity to prepare a scene from a current or recent film/television project at the request of the agents
- No monologues!

The Format
Never before has it been so easy, fun, and affordable for actors to network and meet NYC's top legit agents. At an Agent Night, actors get to meet 10 top legit agents all in one night and receive written feedback from every one of them. A week before the event, we email actors a link to our extensive library of current film/TV scenes and ask them to prepare one. The evening begins with a comprehensive talk, led by our staff, packed with information about the evening and the business in general. During the event, actors can ask our staff for pointers and advice about their headshots, resumes, and chosen scenes. The agents are divided into 2 rooms of 5 agents per room, plus one of our excellent readers in both rooms. One at a time, actors go into both rooms and perform their scenes. Actors receive written feedback from each industry member within 10 minutes of their last read. Our Agent Night is an invaluable networking opportunity and a chance for actors to find out where they are at in their careers, how they are being received by the industry, and what next steps they should take. We create a safe, intimate, and beneficial environment for actors and agents alike, and most importantly...it produces RESULTS! 

NOTE: You may also prepare your own scene provided it is from a film or television project and is either 2 pages and/or 2 minutes in length. If you have had a consultation with Jen Rudolph, please prepare the sides that she suggested. You must also bring 10 headshots/resumes with you to this event. 

Disclaimer: This seminar or class is for educational purposes only and does not promise opportunity for employment in the field or representation by an agent.

Cancellation Policy
We do not offer refunds but we do offer credit. In order to receive a credit for a class, event, or intensive cancellations must be made up to 7 days in advance. To cancel a booking please log in to your account , click on "View Bookings," and select the class event or intensive you would like to cancel. You will see the "cancel booking" option below. A credit for the amount paid will be issued back to your AGR account within 24 hours and can be used towards future bookings.

If you cancel within 7 days of the class, event, or intensive due to sickness orindustry related work, we require a doctor's note or proof of work in order to issue a credit. If you cancel within 24 business hours of the class, event, or intensive and/or are a no-show then no credit will be issued under any circumstances.

Industry substitutions
All of the agents that we invite to our classes and events are very busy industry professionals as well as human beings with life circumstances that may arise. In the event that an industry guest is unable to attend an event, another guest from the same office or a comparable industry member will attend in his/her place.

Sides for this intensive will be included in your booking confirmation email. Please make sure that bookings@theactorsgreenroom.com is in your email account's Address Book so that our group emails do not go to your spam folder. It is your responsibility to let us know ASAP if you don't receive the sides. We will not honor any reschedule requests due to not receiving material. If you have sides that were given to you in a career consultation with Jen Rudolph: use them!



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