the February monday night class

meet 4 top casting directors over the course of the month

Now's the time to get in the room and work with NYC's top CDs. The Monday Night Class is a powerhouse networking tool and an incredible educational opportunity for its attendees.

Dates: Mondays, February 12th, 19th, 26th, March 5th 2018

Times: 7PM-10PM

Location: AGR, 15 West 28th Street, 9th Floor, NYC 10001

$450 (non-members)
$382 (Elevate Premium Member)

Limited to 16 students

Ages 13 and up

A free AGR MEMBER PROFILE is required to fully register. Sign up here!
CD's will view headshots and resumes while student is performing but each student must collect their headshot and resume after they have finished.

Some of the unique benefits of the class include:

  • Small classes

  • Hosted by senior AGR staff member Josh Hemphill

  • An informative Q&A with each guest followed by each actor working one on one time in the studio with the guest CD and Jane Dashow (an amazing senior staff member at AGR) while the rest of the class watches on a monitor.

  • A real opportunity to work with each guest CD in an audition setting, get to know their personal audition preferences, with all the benefits of an intimate, supportive class. The CDs get to see what you would be like in an audition scenario, how you take direction etc, but unlike in an audition, actors get detailed feedback and come away with crucial knowledge on how to nail their auditions and move forward. They are now on the radar of the guest CDs and begun establishing a working relationship.

  • The ability to work with a highly skilled, professional reader/actor who is there to support you in your work.

  • Actors are emailed an HD QuickTime video each week of their on-camera work.

Over the course of 4 weeks, actors get to work on camera with 4 major film & television casting directors PLUS Jane Dashow, an amazing senior staff member at The Actor's Green Room. Actors get to build relationships with the guest casting directors and work with them in their medium. Each class session begins with a Q&A with the guest casting director. Next, each actor will work one on one on camera with the guest casting director and Jane Dashow while the rest of the class watches via a television monitor. When in the room, actors will receive adjustments to tweak their performances and will learn what each of the guest casting directors look for in an audition. Actors are supported by an outstanding reader and are emailed their on camera work in the form of a QuickTime HD movie after each class.  

With an ambience and camaraderie that can't be beat, The Monday Night Class provides the educational and networking opportunities that truly make a difference in an actor's career.

Sides Policy - AGR NY
A link to sides to prepare for this intensive will be included in your booking confirmation email. 

Absolutely no monologues or scenes from plays will be allowed. 

Missed Class Policy
If you have to miss a class during the month, you may make up the missed class at a future Green Room class session. You are allowed to make up one class. If you have to miss more than one class, you can only make up one of the missed sessions. We leave one spot per class session each week for a make up. We will do our best to accomodate your class choice and if the make up spot is already taken you may choose another. Please note that you may only make up a missed Green Room class session at another Monday Night Class session. 

Industry Substitutions
All of the casting directors that we invite to our classes are very busy industry professionals as well as human beings with life circumstances that may arise. In the event that an industry guest is unable to attend an event, another guest from the same office or a comparable industry member will attend in his/her place.


February's Industry Guests:

February 12th: Alan Scott Neal, Freelance Casting Associate 

Alan Scott Neal is a freelance casting associate, currently working on a pilot with Kromer Casting.

Recently wrapped the television show THE LOOMING TOWER starring Jeff Bridges, Tahar Rahim, Peter Sarsgaard and Bill Camp and the film HARD POWDER starring Liam Neeson and Emmy Rossum.

His past credits include: REBEL IN THE RYE with Sarah Paulson, SLEEPLESS with Jamie Foxx and Michelle Monaghan, MONEY MONSTER with George Clooney and Julia Roberts, A HOLOGRAM FOR THE KING with Tom Hanks, GREEN ROOM with Patrick Stewart and Imogen Poots, THE FAMILY FANG with Nicole Kidman, ANESTHESIA with Kristen Stewart, I SMILE BACK with Sarah Silverman, SHELTER with Jennifer Connelly, GOOD KILL with Ethan Hawke, KILL THE MESSENGER with Michael Sheen, THE GREAT GILLY HOPKINS with Julia Stiles, and BEFORE I DISAPPEAR with Emmy Rossum.

February 19th: Kimberly Graham, Judy Henderson Casting

Kim Graham is the casting associate for SHOWTIME's HOMELAND. Kim also works on various feature films and new media projects. Meet with Kim and work on cold reading sides selected by Kim.

For a full list of Kim's credits, please click on the button to the left.

February 26th: Mia Cusumano, Casting Director

Mia is currently working on USA's FALLING WATER, and the upcoming features I FEEL PRETTY with Amy Schumer and Michelle Williams, BANG BANG with James Caan, LINKINGIN, as well as CENTIGRADE, an upcoming film from the producers of BIRDMAN.


March 5th: Jen Rudolph, Founder of AGR

Jen has always had a passion for helping actors succeed. She spent the first 10 years of her career as a casting director under the tutelage of Jeff Mitchell and eventually became a partner at Mitchell/Rudolph Casting. Jen has cast over 40 films and television shows and has helped start the careers of such actors as Michelle Monaghan, Kate Bosworth and Ian Somerhalder.  While a casting director, Jennifer began teaching audition technique classes and from there created The Actor's Green Room. She believes that every actor has an organic spark that if nurtured properly can become something amazing. To quote FIELD OF DREAMS, "If you build it, they will come.”


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