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"ELEVATE CEO Jen Rudolph continues to find joy in helping people make it into doors which are otherwise closed. 'It's so hard to break into a very saturated market. And much like in any business, you have a product,' she says. 'You need to come up with an innovative and a smart angle. I teach people how to go into that shark tank and slay it.'"

-Jeryl Brunner, Forbes Magazine



Are you feeling like you’ve been giving it your all and aren’t getting auditions and/or bookings?

Are you feeling financial hardship because you’ve spent so much money on headshots, marketing materials and classes that aren’t getting you results?

Are you at a loss over how to become a working actor?

Help is here.

Welcome to ELEVATE

the online platform that helps actors go from “startup” to “thriving.”

"A 'startup' is a company that is confused about - 1. What its product is. 2. Who its customers are. 3. How to make money."—Dave McClure, 500Startups Co-Founder

My name is Jen Rudolph and ELEVATE is my gift to you. It is the #1 online platform (and community of likeminded artists) that helps you become a working actor in record time without breaking the bank.

As an ELEVATE member, you will learn the proven formula to manifest your dream of becoming a working actor. By shifting your mindset into that of a business owner (of you) and becoming a “CEO”, you will discover what your “product” is, who your “customers” are and how to parlay that into a successful career. At the same time, by developing a strong inner game, identifying your core beliefs, shifting your perceptions, examining feedback and having ongoing 24/7 support, you will find the success you seek.

No matter where you live, how would it feel if you could:

  • Get called in for auditions on a regular basis for top film and television projects?

  • Make your nerves work for you and never blow an audition again?

  • Sign with an agent and/or a manager?

  • Learn how to create your own content and get it funded?

  • Shift your entire perception to that of feeling empowered vrs disempowered no matter what?

  • Have the keys to the kingdom in the palm of your hand?

The cost of ELEVATE is $300 year or $35/month.


How does ELEVATE work?


Learn at your own pace

ELEVATE allows you to navigate through our online classes and other offerings at your own pace.

tools and resources

ELEVATE offers you the proven formula plus the business/personal curriculum to become the CEO of your own business and take it to the next level.

EASy to use

ELEVATE’s interface makes it an easy user friendly experience and facilitates staying on track.


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what you’ll find on ELEVATE


on demand mastery courses

On ELEVATE, we offer several online mastery courses to help you do this. THAT’S OVER 60 HOURS.
Immerse yourself, start and stop. Go at your own pace.

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OM Work and Meditations


#sharksneedwater. Your inner game supports your outer game. Every week Elevate Mentor/C.R.E.A.T.E. Co-Founder/Meditation teacher/Author/Actress Natalie Roy releases a meditation on a topic (ex: ego, surrender, rejection) and gives out OM Work in the Elevate Members Only Facebook Group.

An example of Natalie’s OM Work:

Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 10.43.09 PM.png

Members Only Facebook Group


As an ELEVATE member you gain access to the members-only Elevate Facebook Group upon sign up. Here you can interact with other ELEVATE members, catch our online courses LIVE as they happen, view exclusive Facebook LIVE videos and stay up to date on anything and everything happening. 24/7 support is here.


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your resident MENTORS

Jen Rudolph


Natalie Roy

Holistic/Acting Mentor
Actress, Author, creator of the Activated Actor technique, C.R.E.A.T.E Co-Founder

Jordan Ancel

Top Business Coach


"Rudolph continues to find joy in helping people make into doors which are otherwise closed. 'It's so hard to break into a very saturated market. And much like in any business, you have a product,' she says. 'You need to come up with an innovative and a smart angle. I teach people how to go into that shark tank and slay it.'"

-Jeryl Brunner, Forbes Magazine


Jen Rudolph

AGR Founder + CEO was recently featured in FORBES magazine. Read the article below. 






Natalie Roy is an Actress, Author, creator of the Activated Actor technique, and C.R.E.A.T.E Co-Founder  She has performed across North America on stage and screen and has appeared in such projects as: The Affair, Law and Order: SVU, The Detour, Power, The Following, Being Erica, Murdoch Mysteries and in two films directed by award winning director Sidney Furie. Natalie authored her first book: 30 Years, 30 Lessons several years ago and has since collaborated on The I’mPossible Project and the upcoming CREATE Book: Let’s Play! Natalie is a 500 hour certified Yoga Teacher and a meditation teacher specializing in Visualization technique, positive psychology for actors, the Yoga Sutras and taking ancient Eastern philosophy and practices and bringing them into the audition room and onto set. Natalie is passionate about bringing together the practices and techniques of meditation, mindfulness and “learned optimism” with the artistic process.  Natalie Co-Founded C.R.E.A.T.E to do just that. “Nothing makes me happier than creating and seeing others live a life they love, doing the same. My career and life transformed when I began using holistic tools in my creative projects and process. It is my deepest passion to empower other artists to learn how to do the same. These tools are a game changer. They are the foundation for a career of longevity, success and joy.” Natalie Roy.WWW.NATALIEROY.COM
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Jordan Ancel is an award-winning filmmaker, author, and photographer. His latest film, an anti-gun short, Good Guys With Guns, garnered much buzz on the festival circuit and went viral online. He has won awards for his two other short films, 875 and Bob White Monday, and his book, Behind the Lines: What it Really Takes to Make it as an Actor, featuring interviews with some of Hollywood’s top professionals, has been helping actors navigate the complex and delicate balance between art and business for several years, and the second edition is due out in 2018.

For the last few years, Jordan has been an independent business consultant and career coach for entertainment professionals. He recently gave a talk on Social Media Marketing at the Directors Guild of America for Emmy-nominated directors. He also inspired Adam Leipzig’s first book, Inside Track for Independent Filmmakers.

In the early ’90s, Jordan was a co-founder of the award-winning Off-Broadway theater company, The Greenwich House Theater Company in The West Village of NYC, whose members included (the late) Academy Award-Winning Kim Hunter and Ellen Barkin. He also achieved great success in commercials, having done major campaigns for GNC, American Express, Budget, and Chrysler, to name only a few.

Having had success as an actor and as theater producer/director, and personally mentored by (the late) Mike Nichols for many years, Jordan has a profound understanding of both the art and business of the entertainment industry.


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