the December challenge 

December 2017 Challenge Dates (THEME: ABUNDANCE)
Tuesday, November 21st - Thursday, November 30th: The Pre-Production Period
(All actors must be registered with the link provided by their team leader by November 29th)
Friday, December 1st - Thursday, December 7th: The Production Period
Friday, December 8th - Friday, December 15th: The Post-Production Period
Friday, December 15th: All of the DECEMBER 2017 Short Films must be emailed to Shannon by 12PM EST

Monday, December 18th - The DECEMBER 2017 AGRtist Monthly Short Film Screening
(All scheduled screening dates are subject to change.)

This link is only for Team Leaders.
If you are not registering as a Team Leader, please do not use the link above.
Actors will receive a separate link to register from their Team Leader.
We cannot offer refunds to anyone signing up prematurely or incorrectly.

NEW: Introducing the Wild Card Teams!
Each month there will be 24 WILD CARD spots for actors to sign up. These spots will be $25 per person and will offer teams a mentor to help them as they create their film.

Once all 24 spots are filled, three teams of 8 will be assigned. These three teams will then have the month to develop, shoot, edit and submit their films for screening! 

One person from each team will be RANDOMLY SELECTED as a TEAM LEADER. Another person will be RANDOMLY SELECTED as CO-LEADER. The team will have access to a mentor who will be there to answer questions and to help them with anything they may come across as a producer. Everyone on these teams will be considered associate producers on the film. The teams will also have access to the Short Film challenge Facebook group to share and get advice on their experience. **IF YOU ARE SELECTED AS A TEAM LEADER AND CANNOT DO IT, SOMEONE ELSE ON YOUR TEAM MUST VOLUNTEER TO TAKE THE POSITION IN ORDER FOR YOU TO STILL PARTICIPATE**

ANYONE is eligible to sign up for these spots regardless of their past experience with the challenge. Spots will be available on a first come first serve basis.


Join our Facebook group! ou can look at the pinned post at the top of the page to easily see what teams are looking for actors.