AGR Intensive Packages

Ever wanted to purchase a group of intensives all at once, and then decide which intensives to attend later?

Introducing AGR Intensive Packages:
Easily purchase 6 regular 1 Day/Night Intensives for the price of 5
Price: $450

Here's How it Works:
Purchase the 6 for 5 package
Click “Book” on any of the 6 intensives you wish to use your package towards
Add yourself to any 6 intensives and your already purchased package will be used towards it


If I cancel my spot in a intensive, will I receive a credit?
If you cancel 7 or more business days before the start of the intensive, yes.  Your credit will be issued and you can purchase another regular 1 Day/Night intensive as part of the package until you reach 6 purchases.  If it is 7 business days or less, you must follow the guidelines listed in our Cancellation Policy to receive a credit.  Cancellations within 24 business hours of the intensive will not be credited.

What intensives are eligible as part of this package?
1 Day/Night Intensives valued at $89 or $99 are eligible.  This does not include Multiple Part/Week Classes, Master Intensives or Event Nights. 

Do I have to register for each intensive individually after I purchase the package?
Yes, once you purchase the 6 for 5 package, you still must register for, and book a spot in, all 6 of the 1 Day/Night Intensives of your choosing.  The package is then utilized automatically as payment.

Will I be able to combine the package deal with other AGR sales?
No. Sales and other discounts cannot be combined. If there is a holiday sale and you have purchased the 6 for 5 package deal, you will not be able to combine both.

Additional questions?
Email agrny@theactorsgreenroom.com and a staff member will assist you.