Killing it in commercials

On-camera commercial intensive

led by AGRtist Caroline Duncan

Commercial acting is super lucrative and a ton of fun, but for most actors, booking commercials consistently feels out of reach. How are some folks out there killing it?! 

Date: Saturday, September 15th 2018
Time: 10AM - 2PM

Location: AGR, 15 West 28th Street, 9th Floor, NYC 10001

$199 (non-member)
$169 (
Elevate Premium Member)
*limited to 10 students per class

About this class:
Commercial acting is super lucrative and a ton of fun, but for most actors, booking commercials consistently feels out of reach. What's going on? How are some folks out there killing it?! What makes them stand out? What does it take for you to become one of them? Is commercial acting really that different from “legit” acting? NOPE...but the process is, and it's 100% fun, logical and doable when you know what's expected of you as a professional. You actually CAN work in commercials and it's not hard. Break free of your assumptions, old stories and doubts and join Caroline for an intensive overview of the commercial industry from A to Z. Integrate your logical smarts and your authentic heart to decode the audition process and give excellent, memorable performances no matter what. Get invaluable on camera mock audition experience and expert feedback and adjustments on both a cold read and current commercial copy selected for you. 

What to expect: 
Learning what you are really selling in commercials, why your connection to joy is your most valuable superpower and how to activate your own intuitive genius to play big, go pro and book work! We’ll get specific about the preparation that will set you apart, zoning in on type-appropriate wardrobe, audition etiquette and how to find your perfect representation. We'll breakdown the fundamentals of finding the story arc even when there’s no dialogue, how to present food and products, how to create instant relationship with kids/families/groups. We'll also get real about common sabotage habits and just plain wrong ideas that may be shutting down your instincts before you arrive. Each actor will be assigned type appropriate copy to prepare prior to class and will work on camera in a mock audition for the assigned copy and a cold read. Warning: this may inspire self confidence and be way more fun than you're used to having.

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About Caroline:
Caroline is a commercial expert with over 70 principal roles booked in national commercials, ranging from IBM to SUVs to any fast food you can dream up, in addition to countless print ads, recurring network roles and film credits. Her students say: "Caroline is an innovator, she has a natural talent for for zoning in immediately on each actor's strengths, and setting you free of limiting habits that might be muddying your performance (and outlook on life!) She knows how to help you "use your smart and your heart" and makes it easy!" Her students have gone on to book national commercials, print ads and industrials, films and TV. Using common sense, intuition, radical authenticity and play, she creates a joyful space, where actors learn to merge instincts and logic to strengthen their spirits and their craft. She is an accomplished painter, composer, writer and director. Creating art and empowering artists is the greatest joy of her life. Her work is rooted in the belief that every one of us are in the right place at the right time, with precisely the tools we need to live a fabulously rich, unique life. www.thecarolineduncan.com


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