The AGRtist Monthly Short Film Challenge is an exciting program open to anyone who is looking to produce a short film! We offer a platform for producers to privately screen their films and potentially have them seen by top casting professionals. The program is available to members of AGR's private Facebook group, The Green Lounge, and members of ELEVATE




Shannon is an actress, producer and meditation teacher in NYC. Born and raised in Erie, Pennsylvania, Shannon spent her entire childhood performing in any way she could. Her first moment on stage was at age 3 for a dance recital and from that moment forward she knew she wanted to be an artist. After high school, she moved to New York City to study in the Integrated program at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy. Shortly after graduation, Shannon was lucky enough to land a job doing background work on the hit CBS Drama, The Good Wife. For 6 seasons, she was able to take in all that she could about the professional television and film world, all the while studying and pursuing speaking roles in indie projects and student films. Working behind the scenes at The Actors Green Room, Shannon has learned an invaluable amount about what happens on the other side of the table and in the audition room. She knows that the creative process encompasses so much more than just the talent on screen and loves the team process involved in making a film or television show come to life. Being on multiple AGR Monthly Short Film Challenge teams gave her opportunities to grow more as a producer and filmmaker and she is now thrilled to be the coordinator for the AGR Monthly Short Film Challenges! More at www.shannonhamm.com

the April challenge 

April 2018 Challenge Dates (THEME: RESPECT)
Tuesday, March 27th-Friday, April 6th: The Pre-Production Period
Saturday, April 7th - Friday, April 13th: The Production Period
Saturday, April 14th - Friday, April 20th: The Post-Production Period

Friday, April 20th: All of the April 2018 Short Films must be emailed to Shannon by 12PM EST

Monday, April 23rd - The April 2018 AGRtist Monthly Short Film Screening
(All scheduled screening dates are subject to change.)

This link is only for Team Leaders.
If you are not registering as a Team Leader, please do not use the link above.
We cannot offer refunds to anyone signing up prematurely or incorrectly.

This link is only for Wild Card Teams
Each month there will be 24 WILD CARD spots available for those who are looking to learn how to produce. These spots will be $25 per person and will offer teams a mentor to help them as they create their film.

Once all 24 spots are filled, three teams of 8 will be assigned. These three teams will then have the month to develop, shoot, edit and submit their films for screening! 

One person from each team will be RANDOMLY SELECTED as a TEAM LEADER. Another person will be RANDOMLY SELECTED as CO-LEADER. The team will have access to a mentor who will be there to answer questions and to help them with anything they may come across as a producer. Everyone on these teams will be considered associate producers on the film. The teams will also have access to the Short Film challenge Facebook group to share and get advice on their experience. **IF YOU ARE SELECTED AS A TEAM LEADER AND CANNOT DO IT, SOMEONE ELSE ON YOUR TEAM MUST VOLUNTEER TO TAKE THE POSITION IN ORDER FOR YOU TO STILL PARTICIPATE**

ANYONE is eligible to sign up for these spots regardless of their past experience with the challenge. Spots will be available on a first come first serve basis.


Join our Facebook group! You can look at the pinned post at the top of the page to easily see what teams are looking for and what projects might be interesting to you.


March 2018 Challenge Dates (THEME: WHISTLE BLOWING)
Tuesday, February 27th-Friday, March 9th: The Pre-Production Period
Saturday, March 10th - Friday, March 16th: The Production Period
Saturday, March 17th - Friday, March 23rd: The Post-Production Period

Friday, March 23rd: All of the March 2018 Short Films must be emailed to Shannon by 12PM EST

Monday, March 26th - The March 2018 AGRtist Monthly Short Film Screening
(All scheduled screening dates are subject to change.)

Art As Activism Campaign

This campaign is designed to help the filmmakers of our community get more in touch with why we are creating the art we are. What do we care about? How do we want to lend our talents and voices to the world through our expression? It provides an opportunity to create a film that speaks to your voice as an artist, whether political, social, or personal.

The themes are created to promote individual filmmaking done each month in a cohesive narrative within the group. Themes are chosen to help inspire and get filmmakers thinking on a broader creative spectrum about how they want to bring their ideas forth. For some the theme may inspire a political or socially concsious piece. For others a more personal piece. The themes are intended to move filmmakers into thinking about WHY. Why do I want to create this piece? What does this piece offer the world that wasn't there before it.

The themes for the year are now released, so you can plan accordingly where your film might best fit! Enjoy making beautiful art! We hope these themes and this program inspire you to go within yourself and outside of yourself to create art that moves its audience and the world around it.

The themes for 2018 are:
January- Justice
February- Courage
March – Whistle Blowing
April- Respect



The day after the previous month's screening, the registered team leaders for the upcoming month can begin pre-production (ie. writing, casting, hiring crew etc). You will have up until the first day of production to plan. 
 Everyone will have approximately ONE week to shoot your film. We DO NOT RECOMMEND using more than three days to shoot, but this gives team leaders the freedom and flexibility to use dates that work best for them and their team.
After the shooting period ends, teams will have another approximately ONE week for post production. At the end of the post production period, all teams must email a downloadable, password protected VIMEO link of their film to Shannon@theactorsgreenroom.com.

This will be due by NOON on the announced date!

The screening will be for teams, friends and family and other AGRtists. NO INDUSTRY WILL BE IN ATTENDANCE.




Registration for team leaders for will open up on the first day of production of the previous month. The announcement for team leaders will first be made on the film challenge facebook page. Additional announcements will be made here on the AGR Short Film Challenge webpage. Be sure to check back regularly and look at the Facebook Group for announcements! ONLY TEN teams are available each month! This consists of 3 wild card teams and 7 team leader teams. A team can have 1 team leader or they can have co team leaders. Each team will be led by a team leader (or a co- team leader) who will serve as the lead producer(s) for each team. Each team leader will get updates from Shannon.

Team leaders should be available throughout the pre-production to post-production period. All other team members are only needed for some or all of the week long day production period, depending on what their team leader sees as fit. TEAM MEMBERS: please try to keep your schedule available for the ENTIRE PRODUCTION PERIOD unless otherwise stated by your team leader(s). 

The completed films will then be shown at a private screening for participating teams and their guests.  All AGRtists are invited to attend.   

We also host "The Best of" every quarter to present your films in front of prominent industry professionals. "Best Of" films are chosen based on the combination of audience votes at the monthly screening and the votes from a hand selected committee of Casting Directors.

Note to all producers looking to use SAG-AFTRA talent:

All producers looking to use SAG-AFTRA talent are responsible for being in compliance with any SAG-AFTRA contracts. Please reach out to SAG-AFTRA with any questions or concerns.

Cancellation Policy for Team Members
There are no cash refunds, but a credit for use towards a later Challenge will be issued to those who cancel more than 7 days (ONE WEEK) prior to production.

Cancellation Policy for Team Leaders

Team leaders and wild card teams will have up to ONE WEEK (8 days) prior to the first day of "production" to cancel their shoot in order for their team to receive full credit. Because of the limited number of slots available, team leaders will only be credited back if another team leader replaces them. Any cancellations within ONE WEEK (7 days) of production from general or wild card teams will not be credited.                                                                                                                                                             


the faq's 

How long can my film be?

I am a team leader.  Can I also act/direct?
Yes! We highly encourage team leaders to be in their own films.

How do I join a team?
Team leaders can come to the challenge with a team already selected or they can choose to use our private film challenge FB group to find AGRtists that fit the vision of their teams. We understand that Team Leaders/Producers are often putting up their own funds to make their projects happen based on their vision.  This is not about being "popular", it's about making sure team leader's are ultimately happy with their final product. If you want to ensure the participation in projects, we highly recommend creating your own team or signing up for a wild card team.  If you are interested in participating but not necessarily team leading and feel as if you may be overlooked, we highly encourage you to attend a monthly screening or attend one of our "Best Of" screenings.  Those screenings have become important networking functions and they are the best way to increase your chance of being involved down the line.  Like anything in this business, networking is very important. Don't be discouraged if you don't get on a team right away or in a certain month. 

I don't have any equipment, can I still join?
Of course!  You need to remember that filmmaking is a team effort. Each team will be lead by a Team Leader who will serve as the executive producer of your project. The producer is responsible for ensuring that the teams are fully equipped with what is needed to shoot. Team leaders are asked to join a private Facebook group once they are registered in their confirmation email. Once in this group they can interact with past team leaders in order to find recommendations for a crew including DPs, Sound Mixers, Editors, Gaffers,Directors, etc. Many AGRtists have done this challenge and many past team leaders are willing to join new team leaders in order to mentor them in a "co lead" position.

OK, I'm actually looking to produce, but I've never done this before...
A majority of Team Leaders at the Challenge are first time producers.  All team leaders will be a part of a Facebook page exclusively for present and past team leaders. That is where you will find everything you need to know for when you produce. If you are new to the AGR community, you can join the Green Lounge. If you are a member of ELEVATE be sure to request to join the ELEVATE lounge. Feel free to ask questions about the Short Film Challenge Team Leading process if you are interested in learning more. Additionally, many team leaders will elect to use friends or people they know to be crew members on their projects. 

Do I need to have insurance for my team if I am a team leader?
Yes. All teams need to have insurance for their productions under NY State law. It's best to have all grounds covered and insure your production. AGR accepts no liability for any accidents/injuries that happen during the Monthly Short Film Challenge Process.

Well, doesn't it cost money to produce? How do I come up with that money and how much does it cost anyway?
Yes, it does cost money to produce.  The range of cost to produce are anywhere between $500- mid $1000s.  This includes food, transportation, crew, equipment rental costs and location costs. Many teams use the resources they already have by asking what other skills or resources each team member can offer.  There are several ways past team leaders handled production costs.  Some team leaders paid for everything themselves or used crowdfunding. Others enlisted help from within or outside of the team, bringing others on as Associate Producers or Co-producers. The way each team leader handles finances varies greatly and AGR leaves all production decisions up to the team leaders. AGR only serves as a platform to bring artists together. 

What is the $20 registration fee for if it isn't for production costs?
The $20 is to pay for all administrative costs for AGR.  Work is involved on our end to ensure that this film challenge will be handled efficiently and professionally. We are there every step of the way - starting with the team lead registration process, to helping with questions from team members and leaders, to ensuring the monthly private screening venue is secured and set up smoothly.  

Do crew members get charged $20 also?
No, they don't.  The $20 is strictly for team members. 

I'm a professional filmmaker, can I also produce/lead a team?
It is our position to keep the lead producer/team leader within the AGRtist community as the intention of this challenge is to give members opportunities to create their own work. 

Do industry professionals attend those monthly screenings?
The monthly private screenings main purpose is to celebrate what we accomplished as a community in the monthly period.  For that reason, the private screenings are strictly for the AGRtist community, crews involved and their guests. The monthly screenings are not for industry professionals. We believe in keeping the monthly private screening in a safe environment for the AGRtist community. That being said, every couple of months we host the "Best Of" screening where we do invite industry professionals! Films in the "Best Of" are chosen by a separate committee of CD's. For more information about the "Best Of" email Shannon or check out our Facebook group.