Short Film Deep Dive: Uncovering the Secrets of Production

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Dates: Friday, May 31st from 6PM-8PM and Saturday, June 1st from 5PM-7PM

Location: AGR, 15 west 28th street, 9th floor NYC

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Diving in and creating your own content is one of the best ways to take control of your career. Taking the plunge to do so however, can be extremely overwhelming. In the Short Film Deep Dive, we will jump right in to understanding all elements of successful short film production.

This two-day course will give you the preparation and knowledge you need to approach producing your first short film with ease. Short Film Experience Coordinator and Line Producer, Shannon Hamm, teams up with Assistant Director, Samantha Winter, to go over everything you need to know about filmmaking at all levels and uncover the secrets of production.

You will be provided with a 40+ page production workbook walking you through: Reasons to create a short film, writing for too many people, writing scripts that are 50 pages and as complex as a quantum physics text book, things to consider before writing a short film script, writing your script, characters, not hiring a 1st A.D. or Line Producer, cutting costs or hiring lower quality crew or not ENOUGH crew, not seeing locations in person, not having a shot list, scene headings/scene numbering, budgeting 101, an example budget, the nuts and bolts of building/maintaining good crew relationships, job descriptions of each crew position, post production, pre-production, SAG paperwork basics, AND MORE!

At the end of the second class, special guest, actor/director Clyde Baldo, will come in to discuss his insights and experience directing while providing insight into how to bring everything together to create a successful short film shoot from beginning to end.

Leave feeling ready and able to hit the ground running, armed with all the information you will need for your first or next short film!

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The teachers:
Samantha and Shannon have teamed up for Short Film Deep Dive to share their love and collective knowledge of short film production. This dynamic duo has worked side by side on multiple projects, a few of which include, The Office Party (2017), Jigsaw (2018), Less Heat in Arizona (2018), and Monarch Butterfly (2018).


Shannon Hamm
Shannon is an actress, producer and meditation teacher in NYC. Born and raised in Erie, Pennsylvania, Shannon spent her entire childhood performing in any way she could. Her first moment on stage was at age 3 for a dance recital and from that moment forward she knew she wanted to be an artist. After high school, she moved to New York City to study in the Integrated program at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy. Shortly after graduation, Shannon was lucky enough to land a job doing background work on the hit CBS Drama, The Good Wife. For 6 seasons, she was able to take in all that she could about the professional television and film world, all the while studying and pursuing speaking roles in indie projects and student films. Working behind the scenes at The Actors Green Room, Shannon has learned an invaluable amount about what happens on the other side of the table and in the audition room. She knows that the creative process encompasses so much more than just the talent on screen and loves the team process involved in making a film or television show come to life. Being on multiple AGR Monthly Short Film Challenge teams gave her opportunities to grow more as a producer and filmmaker and she is now thrilled to be the coordinator for the AGR Monthly Short Film Challenges! More at


Samantha Winter
Samantha Winter works as a 1st AD out of New York City with a focus in narrative film. She is passionate about people, collaboration, and the magic that can happen on set when a group of people come together with a common goal.

A few of her credits include the feature films A Price For Silence (2017) and My Cousin Sister’s Wedding (2018), as well as the pilots The Handy Man (2017), Kill Al (2017), and Exit Zero (2018) among a variety of other web series and short films.

Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 3.29.22 PM.png

Special Guest, Clyde Baldo
Clyde Baldo has directed 4 films and one web series.  He also has directed 18 plays in NYC. Being an acting veteran for over 20 years, Clyde has acted in over 60 plays, 50 films, 15 commercials and 14 TV episodic shows. Working as an acting coach and psychotherapist, Clyde has the pleasure of working deeply with so many profound and talented people.


As I have just written my first short film, I was very interested in attending the class.  It definitely exceeded my expectations.   I walked away from it with encouragement, support and a tremendous amount of information.  The booklet on making short films is my new bible!!  I would recommend this class to anyone even if you have already made your own films.
- Devi Morgan

The short film deep dive was one of the most informative classes I have taken. Even if you are not planning on creating your own work, this is the A to Z of what you need to know as an actor on a set. You will walk away empowered with knowledge. Although I have filmed many projects, this class made me a more valuable actor because from producer to production assistant, I can be a part of the solution to each person from what I learned. You go from just an actor to a true part of "first team". If you are thinking of creating your own work, take it! If you want to dive into the details about the process of filmmaking, take it! Shannon and Samatha are incredibly generous teachers who are full of applicable lessons from their vast experience. Plus, you walk away with an amazing workbook. This is NOT a general information class in any way. Highly recommend! 
- Hilary Greer