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"ELEVATE CEO Jen Rudolph continues to find joy in helping people make it into doors which are otherwise closed. 'It's so hard to break into a very saturated market. And much like in any business, you have a product,' she says. 'You need to come up with an innovative and a smart angle. I teach people how to go into that shark tank and slay it.'"

-Jeryl Brunner, Forbes Magazine


If you’re an actor who isn’t where they want to be in their career…

Does any of this sound familiar?

Could your career be described as a rollercoaster or not moving… where some months you’re CRUSHING it and then sometimes there’s absolutely nothing happening?


Do you know there are plenty of casting directors in the world who need what you offer, but you can’t seem to figure out how to get in to rooms?


Are you sick and tired of seeing others with less skill and less experience than you - having more success - when you know you’re ready to book?


Do you feel like you give casting directors massive value yet you feel uncomfortable and unworthy? 


Do you love what you do yet you're frustrated because you don’t feel valued and are not getting paid for your work?


Do you feel TRAPPED by your career, like there’s not enough hours in the day, and you have to work overtime just to stay afloat?


Are you overwhelmed with all the strategies, and just want more structure to reduce the overwhelm so you can spend more time acting and enjoying life?

If any of the above sounds like you,

you are in the right place



So, what’s needed to help you bridge the gap from where you are now to where you want to go, so you can become part of the 2% who gets called in and books?

There is something called the 2% Signature System™

6 modules that if followed and implemented properly

one becomes part of the 2% who gets called in and books.

The 1st module is MINDSET MASTERY


That begins with The AGR Accelerator

Welcome to becoming a “shark” and the CEO of your own business: You.

Becoming a “shark” is simply about approaching the business through a business lens versus an emotional free-floating one without a trajectory. Becoming a CEO requires you to take control of your career by literally applying all the principles of running a small business to yourself.

By changing your approach you change everything. By embodying the habits, mindset and actions of a 2%’er from the get go, you embody that energy and make it near impossible to not get called in and “fly off the shelves.” You help casting directors, agents and managers make empowered decisions to take action to work with you.

From freelancing, to getting signed, to upleveling, to getting called in and booking, following the 2% Signature System is about getting where you want to go in less time, while feeling fulfilled on the deepest levels.

No matter where you are in the world, there are tools that you can use from the comfort of your own home whether you’re in New York, Los Angeles, a smaller market or virtually anywhere.

The AGR Accelerator houses online master classes and other offerings that teach you how to completely shift your mindset into that of a small business owner (of you) and how to operate like a CEO. (this includes mindset, strategy, marketing, packaging, customer acquisition, content creation, relationship building, social media, holistic support with the personal stuff that comes and so much more)


So if up until now you haven’t created the career of your dreams, it’s probably because you’ve been doing everything except what you need to do. 

You probably have been:


Wandering around with a lack of “relevance” aka not knowing your “type” couples with a lack of brand awareness and what makes you unique.


Spending funds inappropriately on expensive programs, headshots, and not knowing when or how to spend money smartly.


Resigning to having an inappropriate team aka not being in alignment with representation that understands you.


Walking around with a lack of true understanding of the business, how it works and failing to do your due diligence.


Using sub-optimal marketing and packaging without the knowledge of how to make your product “fly off the shelves”.


Refusing to take “market feedback”, seeing it as “failure” and not strategically innovate your “product” on a regular basis.


Not understanding the cost of “customer acquisition” (getting in front of casting directors) plus the necessity of building relationships on your end. 

…And yet none of it is getting you the results you want.

When really the fastest way to build your career is by becoming a “shark” and CEO of your own business.


As long as you are willing to do the work, and you’re looking to becoming part of the 2% WITHOUT getting overwhelmed, then

The AGR Accelerator can help you to:


Shift your mindset to that of a CEO where you will learn such things as:

  • What a goal is, the formula for success, how to effectively think about time, self-sabotage, being accountable, your process, marketing, Instagram, LinkedIN, Facebook, Twitter, how to create relationships online with job influencers, your website, networking, fundraising and more (taught in 26 sessions by Top Business Coach Jordan Ancel)


Become an expert at personal marketing and branding and learn such things as:

  • What you are putting out there and how it effects you, your “type”, the important of high quality footage, self-tapes and submissions, Actors Access, casting director workshops and their necessity, cover letters and communication, the role of agents and managers, auditioning 101, how to be a pro on set and more (taught in 23 sessions by Accelerator /AGR CEO/Creator of the 2% Signature System Jennifer Rudolph)


Master your nerves so that they become your ally versus your enemy

  • In a groundbreaking 6 hour class taught by Activated Actor creator/actress/author Natalie Roy, you will learn how to use your “nervous” energy to infuse new life and spontaneity into the audition process. You will learn how to harness the mind to choose and sustain your focus on the story and character so that you can be fully tuned in. You will learn how to bring your full present self into the room.


Expand your mind from actor to creator

  • Multi-Hyphenate Actress/Writer/Producer/Director/NYU + Juilliard Professor Jessica Blank teaches the importance of creating your own content and how to do it. In 6 hours, Jessica breaks down the false assumptions that leave actors feeling disempowered and shows you concrete ways to take control of your career. Jessica breaks down “how the sausage is made” for every scripted medium: web series, television, short films, feature films, solo shows, and plays and so much more.


Get unauthorized “backstage” access to top casting directors

  • Accelerator members get to spend 12 hours with a top CD from LIVE weekly webinars. (Catch the replays on the Accelerator platform). Ask questions, learn all about their likes and dislikes, get their feedback on your website and more. March’s guest was CD Joey Montenarello (“Pitch Perfect” franchise), April’s guest was CD Allison Kirschner (currently casting the new Judd Apatow film) and May’s guest was Nick Peciaro (currently casting the new Showtime series “City on a Hill” starring Kevin Bacon). See below for the upcoming webinar schedule.


Handle the ups and downs of the business and maintain an artist’s heart

  • #sharksneedswater and the “water” is the feminine element of self-care. On Accelerator you will find dozens of audio/video mediations from holistic mentor Natalie Roy as well as weekly OM work to keep you grounded and recalibrated. You will find multiple weeks of OM Work based on Rob Bell’s book HOW TO BE HERE, 29 weeks of OM Work based on Elizabeth Gilbert’s book BIG MAGIC with a new series about to drop.


Uplevel your peer group

  • By joining The AGR Accelerator, you get access to the Facebook group, The Accelerator Lounge, which is a powerful high frequency group container. When you get into a group where everyone’s stretching and everyone’s owning their value at a deeper level, exponential growth feels downright normal. When you choose a circle that meets you in your vision, they’ll hold you to your highest standard.

How does that sound? :)

See, you already know you want to work and that you have what it takes. You wouldn’t be here still reading if you didn’t. But I promise, you don’t know how TRULY good you are, until you become part of the 2% - but that starts BEFORE someone validates, hires you, signs you or calls you in. It starts with your mindset and the work that you do ON YOUR OWN AND WITH A HIGH LEVEL PEER GROUP. Shifting your mindset and learning this new way will elevate and expand your career beyond your wildest dreams. And when it all clicks, you’ll feel it inside, and will be walking around with confidence and peace like never before.

Sometimes it takes someone to give us the system to unlock it all – to finally step into the artist/CEO we’ve always been with the potential we’ve always known we’ve had.

And for less than .01% of a 4 year top acting training program where they don’t teach you all of this…it's time to learn.

Meet Your Resident MENTORS

Jen Rudolph

Founder, AGR/ The AGR Accelerator

Natalie Roy

Holistic/Acting Mentor
Actress, Author, creator of the Activated Actor technique, C.R.E.A.T.E Co-Founder

Jordan Ancel

Top Business Coach


Natalie Roy is an Actress, Author, creator of the Activated Actor technique, and C.R.E.A.T.E Co-Founder She has performed across North America on stage and screen and has appeared in such projects as: The Affair, Law and Order: SVU, The Detour, Power, The Following, Being Erica, Murdoch Mysteries and in two films directed by award winning director Sidney Furie.

Natalie authored her first book: 30 Years, 30 Lessons several years ago and has since collaborated on The I’m Possible Project and the upcoming CREATE Book: Let’s Play! Natalie is a 500 hour certified Yoga Teacher and a meditation teacher specializing in Visualization technique, positive psychology for actors, the Yoga Sutras and taking ancient Eastern philosophy and practices and bringing them into the audition room and onto set. Natalie is passionate about bringing together the practices and techniques of meditation, mindfulness and “learned optimism” with the artistic process. Natalie Co-Founded C.R.E.A.T.E to do just that.

“Nothing makes me happier than creating and seeing others live a life they love, doing the same. My career and life transformed when I began using holistic tools in my creative projects and process. It is my deepest passion to empower other artists to learn how to do the same. These tools are a game changer. They are the foundation for a career of longevity, success and joy.” Natalie Roy.WWW.NATALIEROY.COM

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Jordan Ancel is an award-winning filmmaker, author, and photographer. His latest film, an anti-gun short, Good Guys With Guns, garnered much buzz on the festival circuit and went viral online. He has won awards for his two other short films, 875 and Bob White Monday, and his book, Behind the Lines: What it Really Takes to Make it as an Actor, featuring interviews with some of Hollywood’s top professionals, has been helping actors navigate the complex and delicate balance between art and business for several years, and the second edition is due out in 2018.

For the last few years, Jordan has been an independent business consultant and career coach for entertainment professionals. He recently gave a talk on Social Media Marketing at the Directors Guild of America for Emmy-nominated directors. He also inspired Adam Leipzig’s first book, Inside Track for Independent Filmmakers.

In the early ’90s, Jordan was a co-founder of the award-winning Off-Broadway theater company, The Greenwich House Theater Company in The West Village of NYC, whose members included (the late) Academy Award-Winning Kim Hunter and Ellen Barkin. He also achieved great success in commercials, having done major campaigns for GNC, American Express, Budget, and Chrysler, to name only a few.

Having had success as an actor and as theater producer/director, and personally mentored by (the late) Mike Nichols for many years, Jordan has a profound understanding of both the art and business of the entertainment industry.