5-week Film & TV class

with AGR Senior Staff Member, Canedy Knowles
& Special Guest, Jennifer Rudolph, Owner of The Actor's Green Room

If you're looking to take your on-camera work in the audition room and on set to the next level, this is the class for you!

Tuesdays, September 11th, 18th, 25th and Tuesdays October 2nd and 11th
 Time: 7-10pm


Location: AGR, 15 West 28th Street, 9th Floor, NYC 10001

$500 (non-member)
$425 (Elevate Premium member)

AGR's 5-Week Film & TV Class is designed for actors who have little on-camera experience, as well as working actors who would like to hone their on-camera techniques. Over five weeks, we will focus on warm-up exercises to prepare the actor for the specific requirements of acting for the camera, preparation techniques that will help the actor make specific choices while staying flexible for adjustments, the different approaches required for dramatic and comedic material, and the basics of the business. The course will culminate in a class with Jen Rudolph, the owner of The Actor’s Green Room, where she will work with students and give them feedback.

Week 1: Preparing for the Work / The Art of Under 5s
Our first class will begin with warm-up exercises that will prepare the actor for specifically working on-camera. These exercises focus on awakening the voice, body, and face and ensuring that the actor is fully present for the work. Then, using Under 5 sides, the actors will explore ways to prepare a scene that will help them make specific choices while also keeping them flexible for adjustments. In addition, how to specifically approach Under 5s for auditions will be addressed. The class will end with a brief Q&A session.

Week 2: Dramatic Work
On the Friday before class, each actor will be sent a dramatic scene that best suits his/her type to prepare for the coming session. The class will begin by learning more warm-up and preparation exercises and discussing the how-to approach for dramatic work. Then each actor will work on-camera individually with Canedy while the rest of the class watches in the main room. During this time, Canedy will coach them through their scenes, giving adjustments as needed and addressing any acting issues. Specific application of the techniques learned in the class will also be addressed. The class will end with a brief Q&A. Each actor will be sent his/her on-camera work as a QuickTime file for review during the week.

Week 3: Comedic Scenes
Before the class, actors will be sent comedic scenes to prepare for the coming session. The beginning of the class will focus on ways to approach comedic scenes: how to make specific and unique comedic choices, warm-up and preparation exercises that are helpful in comedy, and the emotional stakes and timing required for the comedy to work. The warm-up will include improvisational games to keep the group loose and laughing. Then each actor will receive individual on-camera coaching from Canedy while the class watches in the main room. The class will end with a brief Q&A. As in the previous week, each actor will be sent his/her on-camera work to review.

Week 4: Going Deeper and Preparing for Week 5-
Choosing one of the two scenes worked on during the prior two weeks, the actors will explore it further, identifying the "event" and the acting challenges presented in the scene. They will then work on-camera to address both the event and the challenges. During the warm-up, time will be spent on dealing with nerves and specific exercises will be introduced to help keep the actor calm throughout the audition process.

Week 5: Simulating the Audition
Each actor will be assigned one of the scenes he/she worked on in the previous weeks to prepare for the final class, which will begin with a Q&A session with Jen Rudolph. She will also address the business side of acting and “type”.  Then each actor will work on-camera with Jen, simulating the actual audition environment, and receive feedback.

Ages 16 and up are welcome!

Cancellation Policy
You may cancel and receive credit up to 7 days before the start date of the class. However, within 7 days of the start date of the class, no credit will be issued. Due to the nature and structure of this class, you will not receive credit or be able to make up any portion of this class for any reason if you cancel or miss a class after the start date.

Please note: You will not be able to schedule a make up date if you miss one week of a multi week class! Please only register if you can make all of the class dates.


Canedy Knowles

Canedy has been working professionally as an actress, director, writer, and teacher in New York City for more than half of her life. She began her acting training as a young girl under the guidance of Emmy award-winning director Joan Darling. Later, she continued her training at The New Actors Workshop, studying acting with George Morrison, who taught techniques that specifically addressed the needs of an actor working on film (his students include Edie Falco, Stanley Tucci, and Dustin Hoffman). Through The New Actors Workshop, she also trained closely with film director Mike Nichols who taught his students how to bring their full self to the work while still honoring the demands of the character and the story. During this time, Canedy also studied at The Actor’s Studio, working closely with Estelle Parsons, Al Pacino, and Arthur Penn. As an improviser, she has studied with Paul Sills, Charna Halpern, Rex Knowles, Sherry Landrum, Dan O’Connor, and Gary Austin, learning both short- and long-form techniques.

As a teacher, Canedy has been an integral part of The Actor’s Green Room for many years, hosting intensives, teaching classes, and doing individual coaching. She teaches beginning and advanced improvisation with the Off-Broadway company Chicago City Limits, as well as directs their National Touring Company. She travels the world teaching master classes for adults and kids in acting, improvisation, and video production, and has taught in New Orleans; Los Angeles; Chattanooga; Atlanta; Chicago; Lesotho, Africa; Doha, Qatar; and in New York City at The Dalton School and Stuyvesant and Collegiate High Schools. She helped develop and taught for NBC’s On The SetCamp Broadway, an award-winning, Emmy-nominated educational program aimed at giving high school students hands-on, behind-the-scenes knowledge of the television world. She has been an integral part of the award-winning theater arts program Camp Broadway for almost ten years, creating and teaching many programs including the Shining Stars Program for artists ages 5-9, Adventure Theatre Program for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, On With The Show (the award-winning program produced for Bravo Television), and countless Broadway master workshops.

As a performer, her TV credits include: recurring appearances on ABC’s  What Would You Do?, VH1’s 100 Greatest..., and Late Night with Conan O’BrienSaturday Night LiveRescue Me; Strangers with Candy; numerous national commercials; and a series regular on ABC’s CityKids and TNN’s Lifegame. She also recently co-created and starred in 2 independent pilots: Next Song Off Our New Album and When In Rome. Film credits include: Alec Baldwin’s Shortcut to Happiness, Mona Lisa Smile, The Departed, Enchanted, Spider-Man, and many independent films. On stage, she recently appeared in the critically acclaimed That Other Woman’s Child at 37 Arts Theatre as part of the NYMF. She is also a mainstage performer for Chicago City Limits - performing three shows a week. Other NY credits include: Hope is the Thing With Feathers (Estelle Parsons, dir.), Cheatin’ (NY premiere), and Bravo on Broadway (Tony Parise, dir.). Regional stage credits include: the world premiere of Robert Wilson’s Skin, Meat, BoneThe Woolgatherer (Rose); Carnival (Lili); and The Cherry Orchard (Anya). Canedy holds a degree in “Performing and Media Arts in Education for Social Change” from SUNY. 


"I cannot recommend the 5-Week Film & TV Class with Canedy Knowles enough. It gives you great tools to carry your audition game to the next level. If you haven’t taken it yet, get on that. Simple enough. Riding that high from class, when I received an email from NBC calling me in for an audition for a series regular role on a new pilot, I immediately emailed Canedy to set up a coaching session. I was freaking out. Canedy was THE BEST. We went over the sides, prepped technical audition stuff, and brought me to the place where I could do my best performance. Nerves and one or two bumps aside, yesterday was the audition and I brought everything I could to it. It was a surreal experience. Long story short, huge shout out to Canedy Knowles. She crushes it. Do yourself a favor and take her class!"

-MJ Roche

"Canedy Knowles' classes have been a game changer for me.  Canedy's techniques and insights helped me find more tangible and practical ways to use my prior training.  She also taught me how to embrace my type and be more unique in my auditions so I can stand out.  Thanks to her training, I booked my first SAG-AFTRA role.  Canedy has the wisdom and knowledge to help anyone from any acting background.  I highly recommend her class."

- Lee Rosenberg

"Canedy Knowles is the kind of on-camera teacher you wish for.  She acknowledges and encourages the artistry in the craft of acting while never reducing you to product that exists only to be commoditized.  She also equips you with practical tools to build your acting arsenal that have real life application (not just nice in theory).  She has a full command of the business. She is just a delight to work with; and quite honestly, a delight to be around.  I can't say enough good things about her!"

-Ellen Fraher

"Canedy genuinely tries to communicate many methodical ways for an actor, or a person in any profession, to learn how to better internalize material, as well as conduct oneself with more confidence. she takes takes extra time for questions and is interested in helping one person at a time, find their own voice, their "type", and what they can use to their advantage on set, even use personality traits for things apart from acting. Most importantly, she teaches you that acting, preparing for a role, is an entire world of its own; a process of research that never ends, there are always many different angles to explore. If you have a concern or there is something in the work you are struggling with, she takes the time to listen. she's interested in development and tries to find change, for you to try new approaches to help you effectively express yourself, and to effectively tell your audience a story." 

-Cedric Bluman 

"Canedy Knowles' 5 week On Camera class is a requisite! It affords actors at every level an integral educational opportunity in a fun & cultivating environment. The passion and joy with which Canedy shares insight, and the techniques she teaches from her own training and experiences generate next level preparedness. It is a vehicle for developing a deeper connectedness to character and script so that your storytelling produces an authenticity that resonates with audiences.

Simply stated - Canedy's class is a fantastic way to grow as an artist!"

-Kathleen Harvey

"I loved working with Canedy. She really gave me some practical and useful tips for connecting with the script and reader when working in an audition situation, and not just connecting, but a way of making it personal and unique to the performer I am. Canedy also provided several useful tools for turning down the noise and stress of an audition situation while turning up my awareness and bringing me back to the present moment to do the work I need to do to be more competitive and book roles. She brings so much to the able with her training in both improv and acting, not to mention her continued professional career experiences. I appreciate her sense of humor and professional work ethic and am so thankful to have had the opportunity to take her class."

-Ben Jaeger-Thomas


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